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Annotations Search

The viHistory site allows anyone to provide additional information (annotations) for any of the Census, Directory or Tax Assessment records available here. These annotations are linked to the original record and become part of the site. All annotations can be viewed on detail pages for particular records. They can also be viewed separately, by using this search.

You can use syntax tools called "wildcards" and "query operators" to carry out more complicated and/or nuanced searches. For more information about these tools, please read the notes under Search Syntax on the Search Tips page.

The Annotations Search uses many of the features available on all of the searches on the viHistory site. Help is available on using these common search features.

How to Use the Annotations Search

You can look for annotations based on the date they were submitted, the name of the person who submitted the annotation ("Annotator"), by the name associated with the record that was annotated ("Annotation person"), and by text found in the annotation itself ("Annotation text contains"). When searching on submitter name, annotation person, or annotation text, the search tools are particularly useful. You can also specify the type of records (Census, Directory, Tax) that should be searched for annotations.

The Search Results List

Any results from your search are displayed in the form of a table, showing the date, submitter, record type, annotation, etc.

The data in the table columns can be sorted by clicking the Sort ascending or Sort descending symbol found in each column title. The column that the data is currently sorted on will have one of these symbols in red.

The record identifier column items are links. Clicking one of them will take you to the detail page for that item, where you can see all available information for the record, as well as any additional annotations.

If the annotator's name is highlighted, it is a link. Clicking it will take you to a form which will allow you to send an email to that person.