Victoria 1891 Check Census


The 1891 Victoria check census was transcribed in 2007 by Kathleen Trayner, an archivist, historical researcher and principal of Alizarin Consulting in Victoria, BC. She worked with a typescript held in the British Columbia Archives (MS 005). It was a challenging and lengthy process. We appreciate her energy, accuracy and close attention to detail.

The check census data was then linked to our viHistory database of the 1891 Dominion government census of Victoria. This important and painstaking work was undertaken in 2008-2009 by University of Victoria history graduates Shannon Lucy and Tylor Richards. We also value the work of Ryan Primrose, a graduate of Vancouver Island University, who cross-referenced names from the check census to listings in the 1892 directory of Victoria.

An integrated dataset based on the 1891 check census was a key component in developing an historical geographical information system [GIS] of Victoria. The GIS has provided the foundation for several scholarly research projects.

In 2012 the check census data was formatted for the viHistory web site by Stewart Arneil, programmer/consultant and Head of Research and Development at the Humanities and Computing and Media Centre at the University of Victoria. He created the innovative search form that displays the different elements of this idiosyncratic enumeration of Victoria and he devised a process of linking check census data to records in the Dominion census. We appreciate his creative input into this database and the ongoing assistance and support he has provided to our larger viHistory project.

Patrick A. Dunae
viHistory editor & project director

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