The UVic Image Markup Tool Project


This is a list of bugs which have been found or reported since version 1.2 of the Image Markup Tool, and other updates which have been made. When a new release of the program is made, any bugs which have been fixed will have a grey background. If you're suffering from one of these bugs, upgrade to the latest version. The current version is, dated June 13, 2012. Download the Image Markup Tool installer (setup_imt_1822.exe).

Date reportedDescriptionCause/DetailsWorkaround
13-06-2012 Some empty TEI tags resulted in empty HTML tags, which confused Firefox. TEI <ref> and <p> tags, if left empty, would result in corresponding empty tags in the web view output. These empty tags cause Firefox to render the page incorrectly. Workarounds have now been added to the XSLT. Thanks to Janusz Bien for finding this. Fixed in
13-06-2012 TEI <ref> tags used in annotations were not converted into links when producing a web view. The web view output is not intended to handle every TEI element, but simple <ref> tags are commonly used and have now been added to the XSLT transformation, producing HTML links in the output. Thanks to Janusz Bien for suggesting this. Fixed in
18-05-2011 Whitespace in mixed content (tags and text) in annotation titles was lost. If XML tags were used inside an annotation title, mixed with text content, the final space in a text node preceding an element would be lost when saving and reloading the file. Fixed in
18-02-2011 New feature added. A Hungarian interface translation was contributed by Kóta Péter. Added in
18-02-2011 Pressing the Delete key when an annotation zone was selected on the image didn't do anything. It should have triggered the "Delete annotation(s)" action, and now it does. Ditto for the list of annotation titles in the Annotation editing window. Fixed in
18-02-2011 When clicking in the Annotation Title field, if the default text is still there as a guide, it should be removed automatically. However, this wasn't happening when an alternative language interface was loaded. My fault; I was checking the text content against the translated version of the text, but I was failing to use the translated version of the text in the actual text box. Thanks to Marjorie Burghart for finding this bug. Fixed in
27-01-2010 When using the application under WINE on Linux, multiple <appInfo> tags would be written to the header of the TEI document. WINE hasn't implemented all of the Windows functions which read version information from the executable. The header-writing code would normally remove any previous application information from IMT before writing new information to the file, but it was recognizing previous information by checking against the InternalName contained in the executable's version information -- which wasn't available in WINE. I've now substituted a hard-coded constant. Fixed in
25-01-2010 When using the application under WINE on Linux, two attributes in TEI files would end up empty. This resulted in an invalid TEI file. WINE hasn't implemented all of the Windows functions which read version information from the executable. IMT is designed to retrieve the application URI and its "ident" string from the executable version info, but on WINE nothing was returned. I've now added a check for this, and some hard-coded strings which will substitute for the version info data if it's not available. Fixed in
13-01-2010 New feature added. A French interface translation was contributed by Marjorie Burghart (EHESS, France). Added in
15-05-2009 New feature added. Lithuanian and Russian interface translation files were contributed by Tatjana Radzeviciene. Added in
20-03-2009When opening an existing file, the image in the file was automatically resized to fit into the IMT image window. However, when loading an image into an existing file (or a new file), this didn't happen.That's now fixed, and I've also tweaked the resizing code a little so that the image fits more precisely into the window; previously it was slightly too big because I wasn't taking proper account of the size of the scrollbars on the image holder. Thanks to Hilde Bøe for the suggestion.Added in
15-01-2009There was no keyboard shortcut for "New file with same categories", which is frequently used.Added the shortcut Control + M, which is next to the vanilla "New file" shortcut, Control + N. Thanks to Hilde Bøe for the suggestion.Added in
12-01-2009Ampersands entered in interface translation items were not loaded into the interface.My fault. Entities were not being correctly expanded when reloading interface files. Thanks to Paolo Cutini for finding this (while working on the Markin program, which shares the same interface translation code).Fixed in
08-01-2009New feature added: Check for updates on the Help menu.It's a good idea to prompt users to update regularly.Added in
08-01-2009Loading a translation file from the Preferences screen, or on startup, could take a few seconds, but the application cursor did not reflect this.Should have used an hourglass cursor during that process.Fixed in
28-11-2008In the Category Manager window, the top category in the list was partially obscured by the column headers above it.This was a layout bug caused by the need to create "fake" headers for the list view columns out of panels, which was done in order to allow translation of the headers using Unicode (not supported by the default Delphi 2005 List View component).Fixed in
15-07-2008The @facs attribute is being used slightly incorrectly; instead of <div facs="imtArea_10" ...>, it should of course have a hash: <div facs="#imtArea_10" ...>My fault, and just a simple mistake. Upgrading to 1.8 and loading/saving files will make the change here. Thanks to James Cummings for finding this.Fixed in
17-06-2008The Annotation window would disappear when running the IMT under Wine on Linux, and switching desktops.I think this is just a bug in the way Wine handles the "always on top" type of window. I've added a workaround that should help; if the window disappears, you can just hide it and show it again from the main window's toolbar or menu commands, and it will reappear. Thanks to Roberto Rosselli Del Turco for finding this.Fixed in
17-06-2008The Create Web View command would fail to operate correctly on systems with an Italian locale.This was caused by my failing to allow for the use of a comma as the decimal separator on European locales; I was calculating a number, passing it as a string, then casting it to a number in the XSLT, and the XSLT processor was unable to interpret the number because of the comma. Many thanks indeed to Roberto Rosselli Del Turco for finding this, and helping me figure out what was happening.Fixed in
22-04-2008In the Web View output, if the annotation menu is too long (i.e. there are too many items), the bottom of the menu extends below the window, and the user cannot reach the invisible elements.Obviously a bug, and my fault. The CSS and JavaScript needed to take account of this, and make the menu scrollable.Fixed in
27-09-2007When the application is started up with a non-English interface, and then the interface is reset in the Preferences window (by pressing the X button), it does not revert to English.Obviously a bug, and my fault; the app should stash all the English values for strings in memory on load, so it can restore them if required.Fixed in
27-09-2007The hints for the spin-edit controls in the Thumbnail dialog box remain in English even when they're translated into another language, and that language's translation file is loaded.This must be a bug in the interface loading system, perhaps caused by the fact that TSpinEdit controls are actually composite, and consist of several component controls.Fixed in
30-01-2007When creating a Web view, if a category exists but there are no annotations included in that category, the menu is organized wrongly: subsequent menus were nested within it.My fault: I should be excluding category headers from the menu if there are no annotations in those categories.Fixed in
14-01-2007When creating a zip archive, if you choose to overwrite an existing file, the existing contents of the file will be retained instead of being overwritten.My fault: this screw up happened while I was porting the zip code from the proprietary ZipForge to the open source TZipMaster component. They work slightly differently. Thanks to Paolo Cutini for finding this.Fixed in
11-01-2007The program could not successfully open a markup file created with version 1.3.My fault: a change in the internal executable name caused the app to fail to realize that it was opening a 1.3 file.Fixed in
11-11-2006The "Set the viewing scale of the image" tooltip for the Zoom combo box in the main screen cannot be translated.My fault: I was using a TComboBox instead of a TTntComboBox, so the Hint property wasn't Unicode.Fixed in 1.4.
11-11-2006The Chinese interface file did not load properly.Changing the interface by loading the Chinese interface file in the Preferences screen results only in question marks instead of Chinese characters. This turned out to be caused by a bug in the Delphi TypInfo.pas file:, which was fixed in Delphi 2006 but seems to have been ignored in Delphi 2005. I've worked around it by calling an overloaded method.Fixed in
10-11-2006Changing the interface language (by loading an interface file) in the Preferences screen causes the menu bar background to turn yellow.This is apparently a known bug in XP (and it also seems to be there in Windows 2000); in order to get around it, it's necessary to un-assign the image list associated with the menu component before changing menu captions, and then re-assignit afterwards.Fixed in