The UVic Image Markup Tool Project

Download the Image Markup Tool

The current version is, dated June 13, 2012.

Download the Image Markup Tool installer (setup_imt_1822.exe) for installing the tool in Windows. The installer also gives you the option to install source code if you wish.

If you are updating a previous installation, we recommend uninstalling the previous version before installing the new one.

The download includes a French interface translation by Marjorie Burghart; Hungarian by Kóta Péter; Italian by Paolo Cutini; Lithuanian and Russian by Tatjana Radzeviciene; German by Marcus Bingenheimer; and a traditional Chinese interface created by Mo Yuedong, Jung Hsi-chin, and Marcus Bingenheimer. The French, Italian, Latvian and Russian translations are for version 1.x. However, the German and Chinese translations were created for version 0.9, and the application has since been completely rewritten, so many of the translation items will not show up. Many thanks to all of them for their contributions; I'm hoping that they'll update their translations in future.

Linux and Mac

The Windows version downloadable above works perfectly in recent versions of Wine on Linux. Guenther Goerz has also created a Mac version using Wine Bottler (it's a large download). See Linux and OSX for more information.

Old versions

In case you're working on a project which has been using a previous version of the program, and you'd like to continue to use that version, here are some previous releases: