George Vertue

(b. 1684, d. 1756)
Engraver and antiquary. Produced a pewter plate version of the Agas map in 1737.

George Vertue authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Vertue, George, and John Leake. An Exact Surveigh of the Streets, Lanes, and Churches, Comprehend,. within the Ruins of the City of London. 1723.
  • Vertue, George. A Plan of the City and Environs of London as Fortified by Order of Parliament in the Years 1642 & 1643. The History of London, from its Foundation by the Romans, to the Present Time. By William Maitland. London: Samuel Richardson, 1739. Insert between sig. 3P1v and sig. 3P2r. [See more information about this map.]
  • Vertue, George. A Plan of the Ground and Buildings in the Strand, Called the Savoy, Taken in the Year 1736. Vetusta Monumenta: quae ad Rerum Britannicarum. By Society of Antiquaries of London. Vol. 2. London: Society of Antiquaries of London, 1754. Plate 14. [See more information about this map.]