Gilbert Dugdale

(fl. 1604)
Eyewitness of King James VI and I’s 1604 procession into London. Author of The Time Triumphant.

Gilbert Dugdale authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Dugdale, Gilbert. The time triumphant declaring in briefe, the arival of our soveraigne liedge Lord, King James into England, his coronation at Westminster: together with his late royal progresse, from the Towre of London throúgh the Cittie, to his Highnes manor of White Hall. Shewing also, the varieties & rarieties of al the sundry trophies or pageants, erected . . . With a rehearsall of the King and Queenes late comming to the Exchaunge in London. London, 1604. EEBO. Reprint. Subscr.