Category: "Tasks"

Colonial Despatches: CO 305 Volume 30 page images added to Colonial Despatches collection

October 17th, 2018

773 new page-images (in three different sizes) from the following volume have been added to the Colonial Despatches collection: CO 305, Vol 30 (Vancouver Island 1866-1867 Public Offices and Miscellaneous). These will now be linked into the transcription documents.

Dates with @from etc. don't get title attributes

January 22nd, 2015

Dates with @when get title attributes in the HTML, so you see the W3C date format when you hover over them. Other dating attributes are not handled, and probably should be.

RG7 G8C vol 21 page images added to the Colonial Despatches collection

June 13th, 2012

282 page images for RG7 G8C vol 21 (in three different sizes) have been added to the collection. These cover the Despatches to London July 1859 to April 1861 (letterbook copies). These will now be linked into the transcription documents where appropriate.

Apostophe rending glitch?

May 10th, 2012
EDIT: Fixed 2012-05-23. In this file, hover over the word "Majesties," which has sic/corr tags around it, the intention being to correct it to "Majesty's." In the hover-over pop-up, the apostrophe renders as the hex-code for an apostrophe. Very strange!

Task: renaming of file in SVN and in db

March 27th, 2012

DONE: The transcription of the document 58-01-21_HBC748.rtf is marked up as the file V585MI30, when it should be V585MI02_A. It is already up on the site.

Change William Allen id to "william_allen"

March 16th, 2012

DONE 2012-03-26: The xml:id for the William Allen is currently "william", which is very confusing; change it to "william_allen", and change refs to it, so it's not confused with the Brig William.

Need to check linking of vessels

March 15th, 2012

NOTE: Completed 2012-04-23. Many new vessel entries have resulted from this work, and they will need to be completed when time permits.

Try this, first in /db/coldesp/correspondence, and then in /db/coldesp/:

xquery version "1.0";

declare default element namespace "";

for $r in //name[@type='vessel'][not(@key)]
return $r

The vessel tags inside the correspondence seem mainly to be for vessels which HAVE write-ups; these should simply be correctly linked with @key. The broader set include vessels which may not have bios yet; bios need to be created, and those vessels linked.

TO DO List from KSW

January 9th, 2012

This is a list of stuff that KSW reports needs attention (from his Google Doc "Matters for deliberation"):

  • The placement and refreshment process of <name type=”addressee”> tags. See the Search page for details in this. So far, we have been inconsistent with things of this nature. [Martin reports that we may have to address (ha-ha) this later] [KSW update: I believe this had to do with which content appears in the "Addressee" field of the Search page. Some fo the choices appear in square brackets, clearly editor's comments, and there are som eother odd additions. I have added this to my latest TODO list.]
  • Who is “EBP”? The name appears in 1859 and beyond. [I have emailed JH with an inquiry, and he does not know. ] [DONE: it has been tagged]
  • How to style measurements, especially kilometres (spell it out?) vs. km vs. Km, and so on. Find this in Chicago. [DONE: Chicago uses km, as in “ a 50 km race” -- I added this info to the Guidelines document.]
  • Content to tag, or not, in the <notes> [DONE:rules for this are added to the guidelines doc.]
  • DONE 2012-03-13: Remove <date> tags from inside all <ref co_ref> tags in 1858.[Presumably this was for consistency, since only 17 files had these tags. They were not only in 1858, though.]
  • Tag instances of “the Governor” with Douglas’s tag? [DONE: we only tag this in instances that require clarity.]
  • Cotteris and Sons, and the like: to tag or not to tag. And, this raises the larger question on tagging companies. [We do not yet tag for companies. This will have to be written into a grant-cycle, perhaps for 2015? I have made a note of this.]
  • To add district-related information to the Victoria profile. For example, some letters refer to the Victoria district. This may take some serious research, mostly in order to determine the historical boundaries of the same. Hmmmm. [DONE: these districts are now tagged.]
  • At some point, we will have to search all the image collections for non-transcribed files. I have created a spreadsheet file called “Transcriptions required” for files I have caught, ad-hoc. However, we should approach this problem systematically. One method would be to work through each image collection and confirm, by despatch number, that each image has a transcribed equivalent. [DONE: I created a reference file for this and will add to it as required.]

Dangling catchwords

December 15th, 2011

EDIT: This is fixed as of 2012-01-10.

This task has to do with catchwords and how to position them properly on the website—flush to the right margin of the body-text—when they apear after the final paragraph of a given page, just prior to the page-break.

For now, we have wrapped the FW tag in a P tag, as in the following example:

[...] with a view to their protection and civilization.</p>

<p><fw type="catchword" rend="text-align: right;">I</fw></p><pb n="rg7_g8c_08/rg7_g8c_08_00043v.jpg"/>

<p>I am glad to find that your sentiments respecting [...]

The above is a workaround, as it could be argued that the catchword does not, in itself, represent a paragraph. So, we will need to, eventually, develop a way to display these dangling catchwords appropriately and, in the process, remove the P tags we use now.

Remove B587055A.xml from the coldesp collection

December 6th, 2011

This is a call to remove B587055A.xml from the coldesp collection, as it is a duplicate of B587056A.xml.

B587055A.xml is incomplete in its transcription of a private letter found in the 398/1 image collection. B587056A.xml, however, provides a complete transcription and, moreover, it follows the correct sequence within the 398/1 image-collection.

BUG: vanishing place names

June 14th, 2011

The problem: on the places index page, when you click on a place within a places write up, the clicked-place vanishes from the places index. Rather than cloning the content, the link appears to relocate it. This may be happening in the bios and vessels list as well.

Geo tags: paths and lines, not polygons and bounding boxes

May 26th, 2011

We use paths for rivers. To make a path, or line, appear on Google Maps you need to override the code that automatically coverts multiple (not single, of course) <geo> coordinates to polygons.

To do this, you need to add a type="path" attribute to the <location> tag, as follows: <location type="path">.

Documents needing editing

May 29th, 2008

Attached is an excel file listing the documents already in the database that require editing.

I suppose they will have to be isolated from the dbase so that Kim and I can edit them.

List of files needing to be extruded.

Trench Warfare

May 27th, 2008

We continue to wade through the unedited documents, adding every superscript, period and circumflex that was missed in the first encoding offensive. We are hopeful tomorrow will conclude this task.

Martin, you mentioned being able to maybe correct a repetitive error I have made. In the bibl tag under "date when" we have been using the date the office registered the file, rather than the date given to it by its original author. The date given by the author needs replace the incorrect date in the bibl section.

Do you think you can remedy this?

tag extraction

September 26th, 2007

I created a php page (Located here: to parse through the BC and VI folders of the ColDesp project and remove all waterloo script tags starting with a period.

The php page was able to extract 912 "tags" (and other items) in total. While creating crawl.php I noticed two interesting things to note about these tags that might make it difficult to parse through to capture the remaining data correctly. There are no closing tags (even if what should be enclosed within the tag spans multiple lines. Tags seem to be able to end with either a space, semi-colon or asterisk or exclamation mark.

I noticed from the results of crawl.php that individual names and reference files were also captured because they began with periods and I am not sure if these are special tags or not. Here are some examples:

Tag 55: ...Allan,
Tag 56: ...Anderson,
Tag 57: ...Auckland,
Tag 58: ...B00101
Tag 59: ...B00102
Tag 60: ...B00103
Tag 749: ...V03419
Tag 750: ...V03501
Tag 751: ...V03502
Tag 752: ...V03503

I also noticed that there were some tags that look the same but either end or begin differently: Here are some examples:

Tag 25: .'us
Tag 908: .us
Tag 909: .us!

Tag 1: $$cdes
Tag 592: ...DES
Tag 824: .Des
Tag 850: .des

Tag 880: .pa
Tag 881: .par
Tag 882: .par'7.{{California
Tag 883: .par'[Personal?]
Tag 884: .par2

There are also tags that I was able to pull out that I could not find reference for in the manual. Here are some examples:

Tag 3: .!
Tag 4: .!9399-10199-11307
Tag 5: ."
Tag 6: .$50,000
Tag 7: .'+32
Tag 8: .'+41
Tag 9: .'+50
Tag 10: .'2c
Tag 11: .'35
Tag 12: .'45
Tag 13: .'47
Tag 14: .'55
Tag 27: .*
Tag 28: .-›(c&S't
Tag 29: ..
Tag 30: ...
Tag 31: ..."
Tag 32: ....
Tag 33: .....
Tag 34: ......
Tag 35: .......
Tag 36: ........
Tag 37: ........!
Tag 38: .........
Tag 39: ..........
Tag 40: ...........
Tag 41: ............
Tag 42: .............
Tag 43: ..............
Tag 44: ...............
Tag 45: ................
Tag 46: .................
Tag 47: ..................
Tag 48: ....................
Tag 49: .........................................................
Tag 50: ..................25,550.-.--
Tag 51: ...............€3000
Tag 52: ......€4750
Tag 822: .12.
Tag 823: .2c
Tag 882: .par'7.{{California
Tag 883: .par'[Personal?]

Tag 864: .key
Tag 865: .keyx

Tag 862: .ix