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HCMC Journal

Virtual Machine Manager and vms

: Martin Holmes
Minutes: 90

Having got my Ubuntu 22.04 vm set up and working using virtman, I’ve been learning a bit more about setup and connectivity. After installing openssh server on the guest, I was able to find out its local ip and connect to it like this:

    virsh net-dhcp-leases default
    Expiry Time           MAC address         Protocol   IP address           Hostname        Client ID or DUID
    2022-04-28 13:40:57   52:54:00:xx:xx:xx   ipv4       192.168.xxx.xxx/24   name-of-guest   01:52:54:00:48:8c:3d

It’s then possible to log in using either:

ssh username@ip


ssh username@name-of-guest.local

The experience so far has been that the vm is faster and way more responsive than a VirtualBox vm, and it will be my go-to method of running VMs for the forseeable future, I think.