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HCMC Journal

Desktop and server updates 2022-07-18 to 2022-07-22

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 50

2022-07-18: 20 mins

Updated lab servers without problems, but lab machines were stuck on some borked file hashes on the apt server. Tried running the apt mirror update command on the apt server but it was not found, so this means my understanding of the setup, based on the 2018 blog post, was wrong. GN is now in the process of updating that documentation. The apt mirror is now set up using Open Media Vault (OMV).

2022-07-19: 10 mins

Updated servers and desktops without issues.

2022-07-20: 20 mins

Updated servers. Updating desktops hit the same issue as Monday: file sizes and hashes inconsistent. Following GN’s updated documentation, I logged into the apt server and ran the update script; this took a while but solved the problem, and the desktops were able to update. Per GN: next time this happens, leave it to see if it resolves itself.