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HCMC Journal

Desktop and server updates 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-08

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 180

2022-07-04: 135 mins

Updated lab desktops and Jenkins servers without incident. Then went ahead with install and testing of SentinelOne on servers. Started with TEI Jenkins, and after install, ran a typical job sequence to compare timings. It looks like the performance penalty is somewhere between zero and 20%, depending on the nature of the task, but we’ll know more when we’ve seen more jobs go by on both servers. After setting up accounts on the console site (SA and GN did the same), I was able to see the S1 agent running on TEI Jenkins. Then later installed it on the main Jenkins, again without problems, and jobs continued uninterrupted.

Also had a meeting with RE to discuss GitLab/Gitea, decomissioning old VMs and building a map tile server on the cloud infrastructure.

2022-07-05: 10 mins

Updated desktops and servers without incident.

2022-07-06: 10 mins

Updated desktops and servers. Two desktops (Sherlock and Salander) appeared to freeze on restart, but after about three minutes they eventually booted. This appears to be the behaviour we’ve seen before for these two machines, but it somehow sorted itself out this time.

2022-07-07: 10 mins

Updated desktops and servers. No problems.

2022-07-08: 15 mins

Updated desktops and servers. No problems.