House of Commons, 1 March 1875, Canadian Confederation with Alberta and Saskatchewan

March 1, 1875 423


Hon. Mr. FOURNIER moved for leave to introduce a Bill to amend the Act respecting the administration of Jus 424 HOUSE OF COMMONS. tice and the establishment of the Police Force in the North-West Territories. He stated that the object of this Bill was to amend only two clauses, 26 and 25 of the existing law. These two clauses were reenacted almost entirely with the addition of some provisions respecting desertions, which were not made an offence in the present Act and there was no provision for the punishment of deserters. The present Bill made desertion an offence punishable by fine. Under the present law the Commissioner alone had the power of punishing offences. By the present Bill it was proposed to extend that Bill to the Assistant Commissioner and other officers in command, so that any commanding officer in an isolated position would have the same power as the Commissioner in relation to the offences mentioned in the Act. The second clause of this Bill, amending Section 25 of the present act, provided that any deserter found in any of the Provinces might be sued, fined and imprisoned for his offence.
Bill read a first time.


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