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Census Occupations Search

The Census Occupations Search generates and displays a list of the occupations recorded by census enumerators. The occupations were entered into this database using numerical codes based on the Historical International Classification of Occupations external (HISCO). In cases where occupations were unique or distinct to this Directory - e.g. skating rink proprietor, opium manufacturer, joss house keeper - codes approximating HISCO have been used.

How to Use the Occupations Search

The search can be done for any or all of the census years; select the years you want to include by checking the appropriate checkboxes. If you check the "Show all occupations" checkbox, all occupations in the database will be listed, even if there are no census records for that occupation in the selected years. If you check the "Show percent change" checkbox, the percent change of the number of records between two census years will be calculated and displayed. You must select at least two census years for the percentage to be calculated.

The Search Results List

Any results from your search are displayed in the form of a table. The number of columns that will be displayed depends on the number of census years you selected, and whether or not the "Show percent change" checkbox is checked.

The data in the table columns can be sorted by clicking the Sort ascending or Sort descending symbol found in each column title. The column that the data is currently sorted on will have one of these symbols in red.

The occupation name is a link. Clicking on an occupation will do an automatic search of the census data for the selected years, to display all records using that occupation.