Raw data for the 1911 census of Victoria was provided by the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure external [CCRI]. Thanks to our UVic colleague, Dr. Eric Sager, a CCRI co-researcher, for sharing the data. Thanks, too, to the CCRI student assistants who did their best to transcribe the often illegible 1911 nominal census schedules.

In order to provide more accurate and complete information, we checked the CCRI data with original records at Library and Archives Canada external and transcripts made by the Automated Genealogy 1991 Census of Canada Indexing Project external. To ensure accuracy in names and addresses, we consulted the 1911 Victoria City Directory. Most of this demanding work was carried out by viHistory research assistant Vanessa Claire, who coded the data according to HISCO occupational codes and other viHistory criteria. It was a mammoth task and we appreciate her precise and detailed transcriptions.

We are also grateful to Jamie Nay, programmer and consultant at the Humanities and Computing and Media Centre at the University of Victoria, who imported the data into the larger viHistory database during the summer of 2011, resolved anomalies and helped to create a new search interface for the 1911 census of Victoria.

Patrick A. Dunae
viHistory editor & project director