1902 Victoria Directory

The text is from the introductory pages of Henderson's City of Victoria Directory, 9th edition, (compiled in 1901 and published in 1902). This section of the Directory was entitled Victoria - Descriptive. It provides a flattering picture of Victoria — one that extols Victoria's climate, economic prospects and tourist attractions.


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This dynamic list of over 900 occupations was generated from the database of the 1902 Victoria Directory. Some of the occupation titles have been consolidated in order to create a list that is concise and consistent. For example, both "brickmaker" (one word) and "brick maker" (two words) were listed in the directory. Here, we've used a single term, brickmaker. But the diversity and character of the Edwardian workforce has been retained in the list, which includes a medium, paint grinder and scavenger.

The 1902 Victoria Directory lists over 500 different businesses. You can use the employers feature in the viHistory site to identify employees of businesses listed in the directory, and to identify crew members of many vessels based in Victoria. [The names of ships appear in quotation marks — e. g. "Islander."] Simply click on the name of the vessel or the employer on the dynamic list to display a list of crew members or employers.

Street Index
We've scanned the pages of the 1902 Victoria street directory. Pages from the street directory are presented as JPG images and are organized alphabetically on the street index page.