1892 Nanaimo Directory


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A dynamic list of the nearly 220 occupations recorded in the 1892 Nanaimo Directory.

A dynamic list of Nanaimo employers. Close to 120 employers were identified in the 1892 Nanaimo Directory.

Nanaimo - Descriptive
This enthusiastic description of Nanaimo appeared in Williams' Illustrated Official British Columbia City Directory (1892), pp. 315-327. The mining operations of the New Vancouver Coal Company are described at length, along with the activities of manufacturers and commercial firms. Nanaimo churches and schools, hotels and fraternal organizations are described in glowing detail. This is an excellent example of civic boosterism and an evocative image of Nanaimo in the city's heyday.

Incidentally, we've linked the names of a few individuals — notably Andrew Haslam and Samuel Robins — who are mentioned in this part of the Directory to biographical sketches in J. B. Kerr's Biographical Dictionary of Well-Known British Columbians (1890). We've done so in order to demonstrate how material from other sources can be integrated with these records.