1882 Nanaimo Directory


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A dynamic list of the nearly 120 occupations recorded in the Nanaimo portion of the British Columbia Directory for 1882-83.

A dynamic list of the business firms and proprietors identified as employers in the Nanaimo section of the 1882-83 British Columbia Directory.

Nanaimo - Descriptive
An enthusiastic description of Nanaimo's location and natural resources, and the city's economic potential. Descriptions like these were intended to entice investors and boost the confidence of local residents, especially members of the local business community.

Nanaimo - General Progress
A survey of Nanaimo's industrial and commercial progress. Much of the text is devoted to mining activities. Indeed, the mining operations of the Vancouver Coal Company are described in minute detail. But other industries and manufacturers — brewery, saw mill, tannery, etc. — are also described. A separate section on Nanaimo hotels is included.