Transformer: a Unicode Transform/Replace Tool


This page hosts a list of bugs which have been found or reported in Transformer. When a new release of the program is made, any bugs which have been fixed will be greyed-out. If you're suffering from a greyed-out bug, upgrade to the latest version. The current version is, dated 23 May 2008.

Date reportedDescriptionCauseWorkaround
20-05-2008Writing bad JavaScript code (endless loops, and so on) can cause Transformer to freeze when executing a script transformation which never completes.This is due to the application architecture, and I think it can be overcome by implementing threading. This is a priority, and will be the next job I tackle on this project.Don't write bad JavaScript code! If you do, and Transformer becomes unresponsive, you may have to kill it in the Windows Task Manager.
20-05-2008If the sequence panel was resized too small, its scrollbar could disappear.This seems to be an error in the way resize triggers were propagated through the control hierarchy. I've fixed it by explicitly triggering recalculation and resizing events.Fixed in (23/05/2008).
15-02-2007If the toolbar icon size was set to larger than 24, the top left toolbar in the main screen would be partially hidden behind the sequence list view control below it.My fault: control resizing on that part of the scree is slightly complicated because of the need to allow for scrollbars and column widths in the list view control; just had to reposition the list view when the toolbar is resized.Fixed in (15/02/2007).
19-01-2007If characters restricted in XML (such as control characters) were entered in a replace sequence, they would be accepted and saved to file, but the file could not then be reloaded.This was due to a discrepancy between the XML DOM components I'm using: invalid files can be saved, but cannot be reloaded. I decided that it would be better to allow people to use restricted characters, because although they're restricted in XML, they're still Unicode characters. I've now implemented an escaping mechanism for these characters so that they save and reload reliably.Fixed in (07/02/2007).
17-01-2007Regular expression syntax was checked in a replace pair even when "Use regular expressions" was not selected. This meant that an expression which was not a valid regular expression would be rejected and could not be used, even if it was not intended as a regular expression.My fault. Simple coding error.Fixed in (17/01/2007).
10-11-2006Changing the interface language (by loading an interface file) in the Preferences screen causes the menu bar background to turn yellow.This is apparently a known bug in XP (and it also seems to be there in Windows 2000); in order to get around it, it's necessary to un-assign and then re-assign the image list associated with the menu component.I believe the workaround I've implemented is effective, so this should be fixed in and above. If you still see it, please report it!