TEI 2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada November 11 - 15


ID Type Title Author(s) Schedule
100 paper Sex in the TEI: The TEI 2016 gender check Vanessa Hannesschläger ,
Peter Andorfer
Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
101 poster How to Stop Global Warming by Means of TEI, or: Saving the rainforest by building a digital book of abstracts Peter Andorfer ,
Vanessa Hannesschläger
Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
102 paper Encoding Cryptic Crossword Clues with TEI Martin Holmes Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
103 paper LingSIG Hits the Lucky 7: A view at the past and a vision of the future Piotr Banski ,
Andreas Witt
Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
104 paper Encoding Disappearing Characters: The case of 20 C Japanese-Canadian names Stewart Arneil Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
105 paper Teaching TEI as Repurposing; or, Cooking with Emily Dickinson, Mary Mitford, and Frankenstein Elisa Beshero-Bondar Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
106 paper Visual Text: Encoding challenges in Picasso’s poetry Luis Meneses ,
Enrique Mallen
Mon Nov 13, 15:20–16:50
107 poster TEI/XML Methodological Examination on Unit Conversion not Based on the Metric System Naoki Kokaze ,
Kiyonori Nagasaki ,
Makoto Goto ,
Yuta Hashimoto ,
Masahiro Shimoda ,
A. Charles Muller
Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
109 paper conceptEntry: A TBX-based expansion of the TEI for the encoding of onomasiological and comparative lexical data Jack Bowers ,
Stefan Pernes ,
Laurent Romary
Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
110 paper tei_customization: A TEI customization for writing TEI customizations Syd Bauman Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
111 paper Wiennerisches Diarium Digital: Involving users in scholarly annotation Dario Kampkaspar ,
Daniel Schopper ,
Claudia Resch
Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
112 paper Collaborative Encoding of Text Genesis: A didactical approach for teaching genetic encoding with the TEI Stefano Apostolo ,
Ingo Boerner ,
Angelika Hechtl
Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
113 poster Dictionary Encoding Based on CSS and XML/HTML Parsers Kadyr Momunaliev ,
Joseph Ten ,
Nella Israilova
Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
114 paper Inside Digital Dinah Craik: Feminist pedagogy, ethical collaboration, and the TEI Karen Bourrier ,
Kailey Fukushima
Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
115 paper Life (!) on Stage: Building an interface for the network analysis of TEI-encoded drama corpora Frank Fischer ,
Mathias Göbel ,
Carsten Milling ,
Tatiana Orlova ,
German Palchikov ,
Irina Pavlova ,
Ivan Pozdniakov ,
Daniil Skorinkin ,
Peer Trilcke
Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
116 paper Toward a Basic Introduction of TEI: Making mayoral shows in university and college classrooms Mark Kaethler Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
117 paper Using TEI for Language Documentation Projects: The Nxaʔamxčín database and dictionary Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins ,
Sarah M. Kell
Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
118 paper Mistakes Were Made: A TEI project after sixteen years Claire Carlin Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
119 paper What is TEI Conformance, and Why Should You Care? Lou Burnard Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
120 paper Creation and Display of Multi-Schema-Customizations Peter Stadler Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
121 paper Automatic Grading of XML-TEI Markup Training Assignments Alejandro Bia Mon Nov 13, 15:20–16:50
122 paper From Student Learning to Machine Learning: Using TEI markup to crowdsource close-readings Michael Ullyot Mon Nov 13, 15:20–16:50
123 paper TEI Online Academic Training in a Spanish Speaking Context Susanna Allés Torrent ,
Elena González-Blanco ,
Gimena del Rio Riande
Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
124 paper Textual Communities Peter Robinson Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
125 paper Keep ’em Separated: Integrating TEI and IIIF without loss Raffaele Viglianti Mon Nov 13, 15:20–16:50
126 poster Your own Shelley-Godwin Archive: An off-line strategy for an on-line publication Raffaele Viglianti Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
127 poster Leveraging Library Special Collections to Teach TEI Stephanie Savage Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
128 paper Tooling Up: Teaching TEI as an advanced Humanities research method Alison Chapman Mon Nov 13, 13:30–15:00
129 workshop eXist-db and TEI Processing Model: Better together Magdalena Turska ,
Wolfgang Meier
Sat Nov 11, 09:00–16:30
Sun Nov 12, 09:00–16:30
130 paper Taking Note: how to represent graphics in TEI? Martina Scholger Mon Nov 13, 15:20–16:50
131 poster The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Magdalena Turska Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
132 paper TEI Processing Model for Non-TEI Documents Magdalena Turska ,
Wolfgang Meier
Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
133 demonstration TEI Publisher: Out of the box or made to measure? Wolfgang Meier ,
Magdalena Turska
Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30
134 paper Some Field Strategies for Introducing Markup to Trepid Documentary Editors Ondine Le Blanc Mon Nov 13, 10:45–12:15
135 paper Using Personographies to Teach Humanities Data Skills Sarah Catherine Stanley Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
136 paper Teaching TEI for Computer Science Students Yael Netzer Tues Nov 14, 09:00–10:30
137 paper TAPAS Classroom: Experiments with TEI in Humanities pedagogy Julia Flanders,
Syd Bauman,
Ashley Clark,
Ben Doyle,
William Reed Quinn
Wed Nov 15, 09:00–10:00
138 paper Historical Accounts in TEI: Digital editions and ontologies Kathryn Tomasek Tues Nov 14, 11:00–12:30
140 workshop Using oXygen Projects to Teach TEI Martin Holmes Sun Nov 12, 09:00–12:30
141 workshop Linkable Data, Linked Data, Text Encoding and the Need for Well-Defined Conceptual Models in the Digital Humanities Christian-Emil Ore Sun Nov 12, 09:00–16:30
142 workshop Introduction to TEI Projects Janelle Jenstad ,
Joseph Takeda
Sat Nov 11, 09:00–16:30
143 panel Panel on the Revival of the Education SIG Janelle Jenstad ,
Julia Flanders,
Elisa Beshero-Bondar ,
Kathryn Tomasek ,
Gimena del Rio Riande
Wed Nov 15, 09:00–10:00