Fishing Boat Registration Document for Kaga (1942-02-24)

Facsimile of original registration document
Data in handwriting:
Selling price: 100
Requisition date:
Appraised price:
Forced sale?
Index price:
Index number:
Other annotations/comments:
Blue ink: On way at Kinsquit Cannery, (Canadian Fishing Co); Blue ink next to present value: Sold to: Canadian Fishing Co. $100.00 I assume that the comment “sold to: Canadian Fishing Co $100” next to the value (present) is redundant information that is the same as the sale info on the top of the page. I am not sure why this information is placed in the value (present) blank.
Name of Vessel Kaga Official Number Naval Control Number not encoded
Port of Registry not encoded Date of Registry not encoded
Length not encoded Width not encoded Depth not encoded
Make of engine not encoded Date When Re-Installed not encoded
Horse Power not encoded Knot (Speed) not encoded
When Hull Built not encoded When Hull Rebuilt not encoded
Type of Vessel Gill-Netter
Formerly Used as not encoded Value (Replacement)
Date When Surveyed Last not encoded Value (Present)
Place of Operation not encoded Value (Insured)
Charter Rate: 1940 Chartered To: 1940
Charter Rate: 1941 Chartered To: 1941
Amount of Mortgage, If Any Nil Mortgaged To:
Registered Owner's Name Kaga, Ihachi Actual Owner's Name Kaga, Ihachi
Address 406 Alexander St. Vancouver, B.C. Address 406 Alexander St Vancouver, B.C.