Call for Papers

This is the formal call for papers for the Annual Conference of the Classical Association of Canada.

The organizers of the conference welcome abstracts of a maximum of 300 words on any classical topic. The deadline for all submissions is January 15, 2020.

All abstracts should be submitted as Word files to the conference email address: For individual presenters, please include your name and the term “abstract CAC 2020” in the subject heading. In the body of the letter, include your full name, affiliation, contact information and paper title. Do not include your name in the abstract but please make sure that the title of the paper on the abstract and the title on the cover letter are the same.

The conference organizers invite proposals for panels. Panels should consist of three to four papers. The panel organizer should submit all abstracts for the panel together along with a summary of the panel at the same time.

Finally, graduate students should include a letter of support from their supervisors along with the abstract.

Payment of conference and banquet fees can be made starting early in the new year (instructions will follow). Payment will be considered as registration.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Victoria!

The Conference Organizers

Department of Greek and Roman Studies

University of Victoria

CAC Extension and Call for Poster Sessions

The Organizing Committee of the Classical Association of Canada’s 2020 AGM and Conference has made the decision to extend the deadline for the submission of abstracts to Friday, February 3, 2020. Please consult the website for the original CFP; send abstracts to

The Organizing Committee has also decided to invite the submission of abstracts for poster sessions, deadline Friday, February 7, 2020; submission information same as above. Sessions under this format consist of a group of posters concerning a common topic or theme. The posters should represent a coherent and clearly focused set of examples of research that combine to provide significant new insights into the session topic or theme. The Organizing Committee does not guarantee the acceptance of any particular session, or that all posters in an organized session will be accepted. The session organizer will submit an abstract with an overview of the poster session, including the names, affiliations, and contact information of participants and the titles of their posters. The overview statement (300 words max.) should include a statement of the theme of the proposed session; the relevance and significance of the theme; theoretical or methodological approaches; relationship of the selected posters to the theme.