XWIki conversion


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XWIki conversion

Working on the XWiki conversion; oddly, the converter tool that XWiki uses to export the texts is inconsistent. If you use the "texts" space, it gives you a fragment with a content element (in no namespace), if you don't, it gives you the full XHTML page in the XHTML namespace. So if you want to download all of the texts associated with a text (i.e. all the things in edition 1HW), then you use the text space and convert the content element; if you want to get something like a paratext page, then you have to convert the body in the XHTML namespace.

I now have a conversion working that first turns the former situation into the latter and then converts it all the same way; I also worked a lot on the linking, file naming, and other parts the HTML conversion. The conversion looks good and gives us an excellent starting point; there will need to be lots of edits to the pages, but otherwise, they are good. We can cut off XWiki anytime now.


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