Mtg w JM and acting on action items


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Mtg w JM and acting on action items

Long meeting with JM to discuss progress; discussed plans and priorities going forward. He also asked for a better display of overlapping annotations, which I agreed with; he wants everything that crosses multiple lines to be displayed as a line on the side rather than multiple types of underline. This is, of course, a rendering issue primarily, but we do need to get the algorithm in place to get the annotations and collations embedded in the HTML so that rendering decisions are easily handled later.

So, reworked the code so that if something goes over two lines, the behavior is slightly different. One way to resolve this would have been to create container divs, but decided against that since it's a lot of manipulation of the HTML; instead, we'll just add an onclick() event to the div itself and a left-border, and make sure the events don't propogate. Seems to be working alright; more work will likely need to be done, but it's mainly aesthetic at this point


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