Landscapes: Initial work on FODS


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Landscapes: Initial work on FODS

[Posting this blog here for now; I'll move it to the Landscapes blog once I can]

Spent some time evaluating the spreadsheets and thinking through the best process for turning them into RADish. Got a basic build set up with a conversion process. So far, the process looks like so:

  1. Copy the files into a temporary directory and, in doing so, clean up the filenames (no brackets, no spaces)
  2. Take those files and convert them to FODS using soffice (there's lots there so it takes a while)
  3. Then, take those FODS and convert them into a TEI table; I'm still working on this bit, but, so far, I have a process whereby the XSLT gets all the fods in a particular directory (using collection()) and then combines them into TEI document with multiple tables. This might not be the right approach in the long run, but I think it makes the most sense for now, particularly if the various spreadsheets in a collection need to be reconciled
Note that much of this relies on ant-contrib, which is likely fine since it won't need to be run long term.


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