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Working on summer plans

With JJ and MH, figured out summer plans for LEMDO.


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LEMDO restructuring

The LEMDO repository is now restructured and renamed. Save for a likely few errant strings, everything should now be "emd"(early modern drama) or "lemdo". It came together quite quickly and enabled me to fix some things in the code. We'll still have to fix the conversion code (esp. in regards to paths), but that should be fairly straightforward.

Also started to work on the oXygen/ANT utilities for editors. oXygen editor variables (even the password ones) are not right; they are passed as parameters to the ant build, which show up in the ANT text stream at the bottom of oXygen, which is no good. The ant input element doesn't work either, since there is no way for ANT to work through the oXygen IDE (as far as I can tell, at least). After some research, I found an okay solutioon using javascript; although I struggled with the whole Nashorn/Rhino thing. I did this
load("nashorn:mozilla_compat.js"); which I got from stackexchange here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14835882/apache-ant-gets-frozen-while-running-this-script and here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22503100/java-8-javascript-engine-backwards-compatibility. I'll need to consult with others though, since I'm not all too familiar with this stuff. It works, however, and seems secure. Lots more work to do.


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Playing around with ANT/CSS/Author mode

Attempting to work with author mode, CSS, and ANT. It only works if the ANT file isn't prefixed by "build" (i.e. not associated with ANT in oXygen) and you have to work around the lack of flexibility in the ANT's XML. You can more or less force it by putting an @el='blah' on the description element; you don't get hierarchical XML, but it might be enough for a simple ANT file with some documentation.

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Data structure

Met with JJ and MH to discuss the repository structure for the LEMDO project. There was confusion to be hashed out, but we ultimately came up with a structure that I think works well. It is being forwarded to the major stakeholders to be approved.

We've also come up with the short form "emd" as a prefix


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Consultation with JT, plan for editor package

JT and I talked at length about the work he's now doing renaming everything tagged with "ISE" that now needs to be LEMDO; and we devised a cunning plan for editor projects:

  • When an editor is getting started we first send them out an Ant build file which they open in Oxygen to set up their project.
  • When it runs, that file creates directory, checks out the svn repo, and then runs a second ant task that does this:
  • svn update to get any changes to core files
  • svn export to get local copies of schemas (avoids externals)
  • That ant file is the one you open and press the red triangle before you start work.
  • Another ant file is the after-work version, which does svn update and svn commit.

So: no need for svn externals; no problem if connectivity is temporarily down; no need to learn svn; everything happens in Oxygen.


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Repo and blog renamed

...in keeping with our forward planning.


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Ran Rom F1 and Mac F1 through SGML-to-TEI...

..for the benefit of other people who will be working on related texts. Results were valid, no errors.


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Customizing ODD

I'm beginning the work on customizing the ISE3's ODD so that we can have a "standoff" element to store all of the database-like stuff that the rest of the Endings projects have been putting in the teiHeader. It is based off of the stdf proposal, but is less concerned about linguistic annotation.

Basically, the standoff element contains model.listLike and listBibl (which is part of model.biblLike) and spanGrp (for annotations).

Note to self: Adding the standoff element (or any custom namespace element) between the teiHeader and the TEI element requires adding that namespace to the @defaultExceptions attribute in the schemaSpec element.


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Combining builds

Combined the two build files that we had in the ISE3 repo (ise3/diagnostics.xml and ise3/site/build.xml) and their associated ant_globals.xml files. It's now one build process, which by default goes through and:

  1. Validates the TEI in ise3/data
  2. Runs diagnostics on the TEI in ise3/data
  3. Then begins the static build process


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Standard XML

Working on the creation of the Standard XML, which for now means resolving pointers. Since the ISE has decided to use more granular prefixDefs (i.e. 'doc' for documents, 'pers' for person) instead of using general ones (like MoEML), prefix resolution can be more generalized. There's a template that matches every TEI attribute that has a pointer data-type and, like the Endings diagnostics code, resolves the pointer based off of prefixDefs. Seems to be working well.

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