ISE3 Editor packages


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ISE3 Editor packages

Been busy trying to get everything finished before vacation, so I've been forgetting to blog. Summary of minutes below.

Editor packages should be good to go. Everyone has schemas, xprs, and tools in their project files, with the tools doing fairly decent lemma checking. I'm fairly confident that the ODD is good enough to start working with. I was able to get annotation and collation templates ready as well. I also added DJ's files from a few years ago to the repo and started chipping away at them; they're good and interesting TEI experiments that need a fair bit of wrangling to get into ISE3 TEI. A good exercise, though, since it's contributing greatly to the ODD and schematron.

Minutes summary: 23: 330min; 27: 360min; 28: 540min (360 in office)


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