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Finished documenting the lemma checker and discussed editor tools with MT. Also continued work on the ODD and discussed best linking practice in terms of docs and TLNs. MT and I decided that on a few prefixDefs, the main ones being:
  • ident="doc" | matchPattern="(.+)(#.+)?| replacementPattern="$1$2". This gets us around TLNs not yet having explicit xml:ids (which we also decided will only be local to the document, not project-wide)
  • ident="tln" | matchPattern="(.+)" | replacementPattern="iseH5_FM.xml#tln-$1". This will only be used in the context of @to and @from in the apparatus files. The prefix will be defined for each apparatus/collation document so that the link will refer to a specific TLN in the text file (i.e iseH5_FM will change).
  • And simple ones to refer to people, document types, and glyphs


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