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GeoLocate Update

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The three main issues are as follows:

1. Return Search Issue: Location displayed in GeoLocate App is connected to "Location Enlisted" field in CGWP.

Note all locations attached to a Location Enlisted field have already been processed under POB.

The following locations have been matched but also reappear again because they are attached to “Location Enlisted”:
Agassiz, British Columbia
Agincourt, Ontario
Alameda, Saskatchewan
Alberni, British Columbia
Aldershot Camp, England
Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia
Aldershot, NS
Aldershot, Nova Scotia
Alert Bay, British Columbia
Alexander, Manitoba
Alexandria, Ontario
Alix, Alberta
Allanburg, Ontario
Aldershot, Nova Scotia

Scotland Query
Dumfries, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland *note there is still another “Edinbrugh, Scotland” which has not been matched due to other issues (see, #2 below)
Galashiels, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

2. Not All Match --Not all records attached to this unique location are correct.

a) Admaston, Ontario: Four Records Returned --two are incorrect--
i)May, Ben Hugh, POB is Utah
ii) Pilling, Charles W. POB is Atena, Atlanta

b) Location: Edinburgh,Edinburghshire, Scotland* this location also has Duplicate issues, see below

Madden, James, POB is Scotland --no record of Edinburgh
Mason, Robert, POB is Scotland --no record of Edinburgh

3. Duplicate Records: The following IDs appear to be the same person

a) Lance Corporal Alexander McGillivray
Record number: 979061 (50118)
Record number: 199349 (50118) -- note this record is missing rank and unit

Location for Alexander is Acharacle, Argyllshire

b) William Smith Kennedy

Location for William is Acton West, Halton County, Ontario
Record number: 122349 (30803)
Record number: 1324167 (30803)

c) Paterson,David
Record number: 1391820 (6529)
Record number: 25673 (6529)"
Location for David is Earlston, Scotland *matched

The location for the following four records is Edinburgh,Edinburghshire, Scotland

d) Mackay, John Alexander
"Record number: 82797 (20875)
Record number: 990933 (20875)"

e)Masson, Alexander James
Record number: 963903 (55028)
Record number: 218949 (55028)

f)Mccarter, Duncan
Record number: 82777 (20870)
Record number: 965898 (20870)

g)Mccraw, James Alexander Leitch
Record number: 16013 (4103)
Record number: 996396 (4103)


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