Digitizer setup in hcmc for mini-dv


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Digitizer setup in hcmc for mini-dv

I setup a digitizing station in the HCMC with the old JVC deck attached to one of Greg's retired linux boxes. It may be used to digitize some of John Essling's mini-dv tapes. A PhD student (Aki) has been hired to do this but couldn't get it to work with the hardware up in the ling labs.

We will likely use Kino to capture the video, save it as raw dv and then transcode to its final format.

The project as it stands now is only to take a few minutes from each tape - the contents of which are cooing babies - and leave the rest stranded on the tapes. I will raise the issue with John Essling (or whoever is responsible) and see if we can get them digitized in their entirety so that this research material isn't lost as time passes.

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