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Problem with keychain and binding to LDAP

I discovered that the keychain service in macOS synchronizes itself with the login password used to login, including externally set passwords like netlink. This is a problem if a password is reset by the user or someone else on campus as it produces a keychain alert on next login to a linguistics machine which is confusing for most people.

I will fix this by using a script that deletes the previous users login keychain information on login. A new keychain is created each time a user logs in and then is deleted when they login again, thus avoiding the keychain sync issue.

The reasoning for that decision is here:

I will either use a logout hook, which is deprecated by apple but still usable (and very simple to implement):

or I will use Offest:

With this script:

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Hardware Updates

I installed two focus rite 2i2 in the linguistics labs. They now work properly. I also added a "how to" for basic use.

I tested the epiphany avid hd video capture interface on the department's ultrasound machine. This now works as a plug and play device and is capturable on any computer with a USB port.


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Tutorials and hours in Linguistics

On Tuesday I spent two hours instructing students on how to use recording equipment. I have some small adjustments to make to the setup in the recording booth in D345, but I think it should work well.

I also committed for the next couple of months to regular hours in the labs as undergrad and grad are requiring more attention now. I'll be up there Thursdays, 10:00-14:00. Two class groups have already contacted me asking for assistance.


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Maintenance 2nd week of Feb. 2016

Ran weekly updates on all systems. Everything normal.


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