The way to deal with Pausanius' historical errors


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The way to deal with Pausanius' historical errors

After a consultation with Dr. Bowman this afternoon, it has been decided that we are not (at this point) to correct the errors Pausanius makes in his text. Dr. Bowman wants to stay true to Pausanius' "truth" so that we are aligned in our transcription of his work.

For the moment, we will make a note using xml comment:

And then go to the blog post for Ptolemy errors and record our findings.

There has been a blog post created just for the identification of Pausanius errors. In this post, we will indicate

a) section of text
b) error made
C) citations to back our claim
d) affirmation a comment has been added in the encoded text

At a later point, these errors may be gathered and provided in a reference site for the transcribed text or if it becomes problematic there will be another discussion on how to move forward.


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