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Added "search for nothing" functionality

This has been needed for a while, and now it's essential in VPN so I've added it: you can put this into a text field:


and it will search for records which have nothing or just space in those fields.

That means the VPN folks can do that with the Images field in the Poems table and find all the records which don't have page-images; then an explanation can be added in their new Page-image notes field.


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Finished basic implementation of thumbnail feature

Needs a bit more documentation, and there may be a need to make the width configurable (it's set to 200px right now), but it's working for MdhLinkField and MdhLinkSetField.

More fun working on this sort of thing at home with no interruptions. :-)


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Started work on a thumbnail feature

Basically done for the linksetfield, although I want to add an if clause that restricts it to only links which end with image file extensions. Then I need to port the same feature to the single link field.


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Moved instructions into a separate include file

Minor task that's been on my todo list for ages. This makes it simpler to maintain the instructions for a specific project distinct from the base instructions. Also deleted obsolete search_instructions file and tested.


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Fixed bug in JSRDocs

JS-R reported a bug in the JSRDocs db, which took some time to figure out. I updated the server code to the latest version of the source, and then fixed some JS warnings, none of which was causing the problem. Eventually it turned out that there was a character 0x10 in one of the text fields; it's not allowed in XML, so it was causing Firefox to gack on any search results containing that record.

Not sure how it got in there, and not sure either how to protect against it; perhaps I need to add another component to the data sanitization code.


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Added a new field type: MdhDecimalField

GN's current project is storing data in decimal format, so I've added a new field type to handle this, mapping to the SQL Decimal field (which is also supported in Postgres). Updated the sandbox db and tested it -- seems to work fine -- and regenerated the documentation.


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Reorganized documentation system

Cleaned out any project-specific stuff (except for the sample project), removed all doxygen-generated files from SVN, and regenerated all docs, after installing all the required libraries locally. I can now generate docs OK by running doxywizard, then loading the Doxygen file and running it; to get a PDF, I switch to docs/latex and run make refman.pdf.

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Moved settings into separate user-controlled file

Moved the memory and timeout settings into a file called <proj/project_settings{_SAMPLE}.php> so that it can be user-controlled and set on a per-project basis. Took the opportunity to rework the JSRDocs project setup to make it more robust, for testing this rollout (it previously had only one incarnation, and no testing version):

  • Created parallel live and dev versions of the db.
  • Created live and dev code trees.
  • Wrote scripts for copying data from live to dev, and rolling out changes to dev, from dev to live local, and to dev on server.
  • Tested and backed up.

Also noticed some floating users in mySQL that had been created for testing purposes and should have been deleted. Removed them. Now watching out for any unexpected behaviour in dbs, but not expecting any.


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Link checker working

I have the link checker requested by AC coded up and working, and it's been tested in the VPN, Manifest and Trials dbs (tested in dev, then rolled out to live). I will also roll it out to JSRDocs when I get a chance (there's no dev there, so I always do that one last), and possible Properties (although there are no links in that DB AFAIK).


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First pass at a link-checking utility page

I have a working link-checker for FLD_LINK and FLD_LINKSET fields throughout the database, which uses CURL to check links and reports when they fail. There is still some work to do on this, because I'm not yet correctly escaping characters such as apostrophes which should never turn up in filenames or folder names, but which do regularly turn up because users love to ignore instructions. I'll have to decide whether I should report these as errors even though the links work (on the basis that the names are likely to cause problems down the road), in which case I should also add regex checking to the input fields on the page, or whether I should just escape the characters so that CURL can handle them, and give up on trying to badger people into using sensible filenames.

This feature was requested for VPN, but will also be useful for JW's projects.

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Adaptive Database

This project aims to design a flexible online database which can be set up as very quickly for a researcher requiring a relational database, and is easy to modify and extend. The Web GUI provides tools for data-entry in as simple and convenient a manner as possible, while also allowing data-integrity checks. The application development sandbox is currently at https://hcmc.uvic.ca/people/martin/potluck/editor/index.php; and half a dozen UVic projects are already using the codebase. The code is managed through SVN here: https://revision.hcmc.uvic.ca/svn/adaptivedb/.


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