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DEBUGGED AND DIAGNOSED 2015-08-04. A bug showed up in the Landscapes DB which I think is generic: when a record contains two different one-to-many fields which link to the same table at one remove, editing a record can result in the creation of more links than should be created. It looks as though for each table which is linked through the same set of foreign keys, a new entry is created, causing there to be links that did not previously exist, generated through the save operation. This must be fixed. I've worked around it by removing one of the links in the owners table in that db (to sellers).


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Adaptive Database

This project aims to design a flexible online database which can be set up as very quickly for a researcher requiring a relational database, and is easy to modify and extend. The Web GUI provides tools for data-entry in as simple and convenient a manner as possible, while also allowing data-integrity checks. The application development sandbox is currently at https://hcmc.uvic.ca/people/martin/potluck/editor/index.php; and half a dozen UVic projects are already using the codebase. The code is managed through SVN here: https://revision.hcmc.uvic.ca/svn/adaptivedb/.


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