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Bills of Mortality

Mostly working on the Bills of Mortality finding aid; cross-referenced it with the TCP's huge JSON and added links to TCP and ESTC.


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Work preparing for release


  • Polished many straightforward errors from diagnostics.
  • Made some tweaks to diagnostics that removed thousands more.
  • Fixed several hundred uses of CSS in one born-digital document.
  • Rewrote the XSLT to handle display of documents in peer review (not tested yet; waiting on Jenkins)
  • Replaced the requirement to provide an image for the latest news story with a default image instead, per JJ.
  • Tweaked the rendering of citations in MLA to comply with MLA 8.


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XSLT Schematron

Ported over the XSL schematron pipeline to MoEML, which is working nicely. What's nice about this is that we now have the TEI schematron embedded into MoEML's own schematron, which is quite nice.

I've changed the main build (london/build.xml) to use the XSLT created by the schematron process and everything seems to be fine. It is very slightly slower than the schematron ant task, but it much nicer since the error messages fail the build immediately, rather than waiting for Jenkins to parse the "ERROR" output.


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Mayoral Pageants

Met with JJ and MK to discuss mayoral pageants plans. JJ and MK are looking into facsimiles and may have found a potential one, which is exciting. Discussed plans going forward and how and if we should do the embedded transcription. MK is going to experiment with FAME2 to see if it's worthwhile while I continue tinkering with some code to turn our semi-diplomatic transcriptions into surfaces, zones, and lines.

One issue that still needs to be resolved, however, is file naming practices. Is it right to keep the diplomatic transcription as, for example, FAME2 or should it be FAME2_diplomatic and FAME2_modern? And if users go to FAME2.htm, what should they get? It seems intuitive for them to get FAME2_index, but we'll need to discuss that further.

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Map bug fixes; catRef fixes

Working more closely on the map rendering thing, and I still haven't figured out a solution. It's as if my zoom-out code is being optimized away, whatever approach I try. However, I found and fixed a bunch of old bugs in the code, and cleaned some things up.

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OL Maps overlays working

Using (for the first time) ol.Overlay, I've got the popups working for source elements on the OL KML maps for locations. This was quite straightforward. The only remaining issue is the main Agas map zoom movement, where I want to pan out from the existing location, then zoom into the new one; I don't have that working yet. Once that's done, we're ready to go live with the new version.


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More progress with OL maps

Fixed the issue of the missing icon for points; it was a CORSS problem. A relative link fixes it.

Started work on making the source info for placemarks show up in a popup. It's basically working, but I have to figure out how to make the popup show where I want it to.


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Fixes to sources appendix and more sourceDoc stuff

  1. Spent the beginning of the day cleaning up some tickets from Asana and answer email. JJ noticed that the Works Cited at the bottom of the documents was pulling in too much stuff. That took some investigating, but it turns out the bibliography was getting pulled in from any ref/@type='bibl' citation indiscriminately across the TEI document. JJ decided that we should just be getting the bibls referenced in the text; these bibls already appear in the listBibl in the sourceDesc, so it makes sense to use that to make our appendix. That's fixed now
  2. Spent the other half of the day working on the text to sourceDoc transformation. There are a number of little bugs that appear; whenever I think I've got it finished, a different pageant becomes invalid. I've realized that I need to rewrite the whole thing and incorporate what I've learned about these documents and the shifting hierarchies. It will go faster now that I have a better plan going forward and I think this will be a tenable way to move forward in the sourceDoc encoding of our texts; we might even want to adapt this for LEMDO to create actual folio transcriptions (or some base transcription) for these texts.


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Text to sourceDoc

More work on the text to sourceDoc transformation. Tested across all of the published mayoral pageants and spent a good amount of time re-working the pb/fw extraction code, which is convoluted but I think is now working well. There are also some issue with hi elements and line elements to do with styling, but those should be resolvable soon.


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A potential conversion from text to sourceDoc

Spent today experimenting on a text to sourceDoc transformation for the new Mayoral pageant protocol. I wanted to see if it was feasible to take a mayoral text that is encoded in MoEML's current standards and transform it into a sourceDoc version. It's a tricky thing, since the hierarchies are radically different. That said, I think I have it working; the hardest, and most time consuming part, was getting it so it would break the a paragraph/div at a pb element. Tested on MONU1 and CHRU1--works okay, but still more to do.

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