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Fixed a bug in the JS

Troubleshooting a content issue sent in by a user, I discovered that in fixing a previous bug I'd introduced a new one; it was a straightforward fix once I'd figured it out. Links in popups are now working again.


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Troubleshooting validity issues

The build process throws up validity problems that are hard to catch before we get to HTML validation, such as the presence of spaces in URLs. I've had a shot at catching spaces within (rather than between) URIs in a new Schematron rule, and fixed a bunch of errors with AR.


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Picking up work on the RDF project (which I will document on here). I've spent some time looking through the TEI listServ and issues to see what the best solution is for creating RDF from TEI. As far as I can tell, there's no consensus from the TEI community on how to approach RDF.

Also researching RDF and GeoNames, which might be the best ontology for the project. Trying to map over correspondences and see what looks good. Lots of work still to do, though.


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BreezeMap: Feature saving and editing now working

You can now clone an existing feature and edit it; also I've cleaned up a lot more of the GUI stuff and interface strings, and started work on pastable GeoJSON.


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BreezeMap work: feature drawing now working

Rather tricky work to enable new features to be created from drawn geometries, and their geometries preserved and shown as descs in the popups. This is now working. I've also fixed a bug related to the drawing of complex Polygons with cutouts; these now work correctly, and are distinct from MultiPolygons. Finally, I extracted a bunch of caption strings into a more flexible object which allows for addition of new languages and selects language based on the root lang attribute.


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GeoJSON progress; annoying TEI schema issue

As part of moving all our GIS data over to clear GeoJSON, I've implemented @type="GeoJSON" for the <location> element, and I've fixed the five outstanding MultiPolygon problem locations by re-capturing that data from the original KML files from Locating London's Past, converting them to GeoJSON, which results in well-formed GeoJSON geometries. Where such geometries exist in location files, they are used in preference to converting the existing GIS coord lists when building the GeoJSON version of the Gazetteer. There will probably be some fallout in terms of rendering the Google Maps for the short term, but that will be fixable when we move to OpenStreetMaps. For the moment, we're in limbo between two systems.

At the same time, having rebuilt the schema, I found that @precision has been removed from the <location>, <birth>, <death> and <floruit> elements, making some of our code invalid. This is only in the dev version. I've reconfigured my own schema-building process so that it's pointing at the current release version; meanwhile I've reopened the ticket that caused the problem because it does need a deprecation period anyway.


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Working on BreezeMap for Vertexer replacement

MoEML now needs a better Vertexer that can do things right according to the right-hand rule, so I'm working on one as one of the test projects for BreezeMap. Today I rewrote the TEI/GeoJSON relationship so that TEI files now contain GeoJSON geometry objects right in their geo elements; XSLT to generate GeoJSON was updated to support both old and new formats, and I'm now working on a system for storing newly-drawn shapes in a new category on the location panel. After that, the plan is to integrate Nominatim searching; then we'll convert the MoEML geo-handling to use the new format and OSM, and convert all the existing files over.


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Basic GeoJSON output working; only the right-hand rule to work on

I think I have the GeoJSON basically working; I just have to do the right-hand rule stuff, and a bit of cleanup.


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Progress on GeoJSON

I'm currently building GeoJSON output from our Gazetteer data for the Pelagios project, and using the opportunity to figure out how best to convert our <geo> elements into GeoJSON data. The basic output is done, but I'm now working on figuring out what type of GeoJSON geometry a given set of geo elements contains, and then how to output it correctly, while enforcing the right-hand rule. Much more to do here.


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Moving towards GeoJSON

Our actual map coordinates are not GeoJSON, and polygons don't follow the right-hand rule. We can look at this implementation for an algorithm for the right-hand rule test/fix, and we can convert the geo elements to GeoJSON geometries.

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