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experiment with print style css

LD asked about print output of all the Franklin pages in one big (PDF) file.

To do a real job of this, I guess I could write some kind of translation using Apache FOP, but I can't justify the time and effort.

Did some experimenting with a @media print block of selectors for outputting plain black text on white background for printing. Added the selectors to the FranklinLayoutDev.css file. By and large it works, but images for some reason cause page breaks to appear unexpectedly in the PDF (for example Voyage/introduction). If I remove the "@media print" selector, then the rules apply to the screen output as well, and the images don't force a page break, but all the other behaviour works as it does for the PDF output. In principle, with a few more hours work I could probably get pretty clean output one web-page at a time, and then someone would have to generate a PDF of each page and then and assemble them into one big PDF.


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french teaching unit uploaded

Got French teacher's material from Françoise and uploaded them. Also made a couple dozen corrections to the English language teacher's material and uploaded them. English file got corrupted as I was finishing it, so I had to get backup copy and start over - not sure what happened, but 18 of the 24 pages just disappeared. Did a handful of typos to Franklin site and MysteryQuest site as well.


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Numerous tweaks to handle graphics

Tweaked a number of files (including the main transform file) to support French as well as English versions of graphics.

Created versions of various pages in CanMys main site to include navigation to Franklin site - compiled list of image files I need from Pat, sent it to Merna.


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French MysteryQuests on dev MQCM site

Got french translation of MysteryQuest files again and compared to those received in February - no changes. Uploaded all those to the dev Mysteryquest site (http://www.mysteryquests.ca:8080).
Modified following files in dev instance of umbrella site:

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French website files received

Received 76 files from FMcN:
66 web pages
archiveSection pages: 12 files
aboutTypeOfSource pages in archive: 11 files
contextSection pages: 13 files
homeSection pages: 4 files (homeCite not included as it is duplicate of existing file)
interpretationSection pages: 7 files
newsSection pages: 1 file
rippleSection pages: 8 files
searchSection pages: 6 files
voyageSection pages: 4 files
9 original source archive files added since others were translated
1 errata on English files discovered during translation

I have incorporate all but the errata file into the copy of the site on my Dev machine - all validated (or failed for known reasons, such as embedded code on the map pages). I have not yet tried to rebuild the site.


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Mystery Quests translated and proofed

Got the MysteryQuest files back from NE. Only errors I had to correct were the teacher's notes pdf files each had an extraneous .pdf on the end of the file name (e.g. filename.pdf.pdf). The links in the documents were correct. Did some brief testing and everything seems OK.
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support styled text in a couple fo fields

Modified a number of files to support inline elements in a few elements: transform.xsl - added documentStyledTitle variable and 2 calls to it - modified imageInArchive and halfSizeImageInArchive to require caption and to support inline styles in caption generateAboutThisDocument.xsl - modified Notes generating code to handle inline styling in notes schema schema.rng - modified rules for title, notes, imageInArchive and halfSizeImageInArchive to support caption element and inline elements appropriately contextHomeland_en.xml test file for imageInArchive element SchwatkaLondonNews_en.xml test file for fiddling with title, notes and halfSizeImageInArchive elements


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Add timeline to Contexts section

Got a timeline MSWord document from LD to incorporate as page on site. Added a timeline page to the Contexts section (at end of list) and populated it with the content from the MSWord file.
Modified the generateNav.xsl file to add the new navigation item. Had to add a nextSection element with contextTimeline as value to the contextCharacters file. The contextTimeline has no nextSection element, as it's the last page in the section.

If the braintrust decides to have a copy of this file in each of a number of other sections of the site, I'll have to create 3 or 4 new pages and make similar modifications to the generateNav.xsl and XXXXXCharacters_en.xml file.

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split filesToProcess folder into French and English folders

Decided to keep the French XML files in a separate folder than the English ones (to simplify tracking and managing of files for me, mostly). Renamed filesToProcess to filesToProcess_en and copied it to create filesToProcess_fr. Then had to change a number of instances in paths in the transformation files. Rebuilt site.


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added News primary navigation item

At request of MF, added a News item to the primary navigation bar and a News section containing one page to the site structure. It is to contain ongoing updates from work on the discovery of the Erebus. Currently I've rebuilt only the home intro page and the news page itself. If they agree to the implementation, then I'll rebuild the entire site with that navigation item.

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