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Request for teacher locations

JL called asking for a list of the Canadian cities from which teachers have registered. I pulled the XML version of the tg_users table from the server and ran this:

let $tables := for $t in //table[column[@name='mailingCountry'][normalize-space(upper-case(.)) = 'CANADA']] return $t
let $addresses := for $t in $tables return normalize-space(upper-case(concat($t/column[@name='mailingCity'], ', ', $t/column[@name='mailingState'])))
let $uniqueAddresses := distinct-values($addresses)
let $orderedAddresses := for $u in $uniqueAddresses order by $u return $u
return string-join($orderedAddresses, '

to get a quick-and-dirty list of city, province. I had to search-and-replace some ugly character encoding issues -- the db thinks it has UTF-8 but the data coming in has obviously been 8859-1. Sent the results to JL.


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fix broken links in mysteryquest

in MQ/42/support/mq42_0002en.pdf, there were a number of broken links because there were typos in the links. Tried to edit in text editor, but that borked file. Then opened file in Adobe Acrobat Pro, and it wouldn't let me edit the existing links, but would let me create a new link object on top of each existing on, which is what I did. Not sure if that stupidity is due to PDF format or my specific combination of editor version and data file version.


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change backend database pointers

changed 22 instances of "" to "" as the old mysql server is being decommissioned.
Some old instances Seems to be working. If there are problems, they will occur trying to create or authenticate a teacher id and password.


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landing pages for parks canada

Based on meeting a week or so ago with JL, MF and parks canada people : I created a links page in the root of the Franklin site containing brief blurb and link to 1) home page for site, 2) mysteryquests listing for site, 3) teachers' guides for site. Also created a new page in the mysteryquests/sites folder containing only the five quests for Franklin, derived from the indexpage which contains quests for all the sites. I sent URLs to MF and JL for approval. Once I have that I'll deploy fully and let parks canada know the URLs.


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Franklin Google search styled

I styled the Google Search bar and results page for the for the Franklin site.

It can be seen here:

Styling was done using a combination of the Google provided console for "look and feel" and many forced styling changes with "!important" rule to override Google's property values. This was done through the sites own style sheet: FranklinLayout.css.

While waiting for the site's owners to approve or not approve the engine we have to figure out a method of providing a French language results and search bar. This involves making a second search engine with French as its default language and then serving it only to pages with "_fr" in their file names.


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Remove wrongly captioned image from archive

In the summer the ComradeGraves file showed an image of graves with a caption identifying them as Franklin crew graves. Turns out that out page is an accurate characterization of a mis-captioned image. The graves are not those of Franklin crew. Fell between the cracks, so I've now removed that file from archive and its entry in the index of photos. The other issues raised at the same time I had already addressed, but checked them again to make sure they'd been done.


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experiment with print style css

LD asked about print output of all the Franklin pages in one big (PDF) file.

To do a real job of this, I guess I could write some kind of translation using Apache FOP, but I can't justify the time and effort.

Did some experimenting with a @media print block of selectors for outputting plain black text on white background for printing. Added the selectors to the FranklinLayoutDev.css file. By and large it works, but images for some reason cause page breaks to appear unexpectedly in the PDF (for example Voyage/introduction). If I remove the "@media print" selector, then the rules apply to the screen output as well, and the images don't force a page break, but all the other behaviour works as it does for the PDF output. In principle, with a few more hours work I could probably get pretty clean output one web-page at a time, and then someone would have to generate a PDF of each page and then and assemble them into one big PDF.


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french teaching unit uploaded

Got French teacher's material from Françoise and uploaded them. Also made a couple dozen corrections to the English language teacher's material and uploaded them. English file got corrupted as I was finishing it, so I had to get backup copy and start over - not sure what happened, but 18 of the 24 pages just disappeared. Did a handful of typos to Franklin site and MysteryQuest site as well.


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Numerous tweaks to handle graphics

Tweaked a number of files (including the main transform file) to support French as well as English versions of graphics.

Created versions of various pages in CanMys main site to include navigation to Franklin site - compiled list of image files I need from Pat, sent it to Merna.


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French MysteryQuests on dev MQCM site

Got french translation of MysteryQuest files again and compared to those received in February - no changes. Uploaded all those to the dev Mysteryquest site (
Modified following files in dev instance of umbrella site:

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Canadian Mysteries

The Canadian Mysteries site consists of a production site containing 12 mysteries, a containing shell and 30 mysteryquests; and a database-driven development site. HCMC took over tech support in summer 08. This blog documents work done on the site from Sept 08. Earlier work is documented in the depts blog in posts prepended with CanMys


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