Separate Table and Chart queries


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Separate Table and Chart queries

In trying to solve the inconsistencies between table and chart queries, I decided to create two separate queries rather than one which is manipulated depending on whether you're doing a table or chart output. Created parallel variables and methods in the Search.php class file and modified the execute function. Had to make similar adjustments in half a dozen other files. This had the desired effect, namely that doing a query in table view and then in chart view and back and forth gave me a consistent number of results and consistent outputs. It did not address the problem within the flot charting library of superimposing rather than stacking occasional colour blocks. Once I solve the problem with the flot library, I'll try to undo the changes made here.


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Capital Trials at the Old Bailey

Simon Devereaux has approximately 10,000 records of people convicted in potentially capital cases between 1710 and 1840 in London heard at the Old Bailey court. This project will create a web-based database which will allow interested researchers and members of the public to compose queries on that data (e.g. women charged with robbery 1710-1720). It must be able to support a range of queries and produce output allowing researchers to identify trends in judicial practice over that time.


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