QT work


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QT work

Today I was looking at QStringList and QMessageBox, and also taking a preliminary look at the XML stuff. I've also been fighting with the deployment issues again. The situation is that the application compiled on 64-bit Win7 will run on 32-bit XP, but the SVG icons don't work. I've tried every permutation I can think of for the deployment dlls, but nothing works; although the app gives no error. My plan now is to create another simple XP 32 VM, install QT on there, and compile the app there; perhaps that'll give a working executable on a similar system with no QT installed. The SVG icons are going to be important to us, so I'd like to get this sorted ASAP. We should also try the same thing on a Mac, to see what dependency issues we need to prepare for there.

Tried using one of Greg's stripped-down VMs for this, but after doing Windows Updates to get it up to speed, it would no longer boot. Curses.


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