MDH: 451 + 1 = 452 hours G&T


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MDH: 451 + 1 = 452 hours G&T

Wanted to get to a stable point in MyNDIR work before leaving.


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Vacation, Hours and Sickday Log

This blog is intended for tracking vacation days and G&T (Give and Take) hours for HCMC staff. Where vacation days are acquired (at the beginning of the year) or used, or where you work more or less than your normal workday, a posting can be made. These are example post titles: "MDH: G&T + 1 hour = 43 hours" "MDH: Vacation - 2 days = 25 days" Post bodies can explain details (such as what necessitated staying late). This tracking is NOT compulsory; those of us who find it useful will use it, and others may elect not to participate.


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