engl : summary of work done to create site plan


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engl : summary of work done to create site plan

KB of English has been designated the contact person for the migration of their website to Cascade. Current site is in a unique situation (documented in separate post).
Met with KB a couple of times to go over expectations and workflow. He used Economics as a model site. On my suggestion he also looked at other Humanities sites for possible treatments and to ensure he included in the design features the dean of humanities wants explicitly covered:
- value of humanities/field of study
- career possibilities
- 'how to apply' as clear and simple as possible
- community outreach/public events

He's submitted a spreadsheet which Judy and I reworked (added some subprimaries to make some of the secondary lists shorter, and more consistent with other humanities departments). KB looked the revised spreadsheet over and is now formally reviewing it with the English dept committee.


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