Performance Planning and Review Workshop


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Performance Planning and Review Workshop

As you know, I attended the Performance Planning and Review Workshop about two weeks ago. This course is part of the management certificate program, which is a new series of workshops sponsored by HR, and which I would like to complete in full at some point. I feel it will help me do my job better.

The workshop content has very real application, and I welcome you to participate individually and as a unit in performance planning and review. This is not about identifying and dealing with performance "problems" (neither Peter nor I think there are any problems), but rather creating a framework for self-assessment, goal setting, professional development, communication, and formal recognition.

I view the planning and review process quite positively, and feel HR has done a good job creating the framework and providing necessary instruction, materials and forms. It is a "strengths" based perspective that has you (staff) involved very directly in self-assessment and planning, and me as facilitator. As facilitator, I provide simple guidance based on how your planning fits with the unit mandate and the UVic Strategic Plan/Objectives.

The process is well structured and not very time-consuming. The planning and review forms can be modified to suit your interests. It looks generally like this:

  • Initial self-assessment and planning (2 hours)
  • Planning meeting with me (30 minutes)
  • Official "check ups" (30 minutes, thrice yearly)
  • Review self-assessment (2-3 hours)
  • Review meeting with me (1 hour)

HR is strongly encouraging departments to participate, though at this time it is on a voluntary basis. Mandatory participation is likely a year or two away. I don't plan to make it mandatory until they do. Thanks for considering this, and feel free to ask me more about it.


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