Create common entry point for all HCMC sites


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Create common entry point for all HCMC sites

The current setup for accessing HCMC sites is rather ad hoc. Martin, Stewart and I discussed a strategy for tidying things up on the front end by using a number of methods to make everything accessible from a single entry point, namely
This is the beginning of a map for this - please edit or comment if you have something to add.

The URL will point to for its content. The existing website will continue to be available via

mod_rewrite, virtual hosts etc. will be used to provide access to projects and sub-sites via a hopefully obvious scheme. The URLs we have so far are:

edit: An adjustment to the above
Some URL "duplication" should be built in via Apache. For example, having logical "containers" for software and so forth works well, and having containers for projects, journals, collections etc. might make sense, so if we get an Apache directive that "listens" for requests on several levels and then rewrites the URL to point at the "real" location we're better served than if we manually set all possible URLs.
* pardon the excessive use of "quotes".

These URLs will draw content (notionally at least) from various sources. For example, the katakana site will remain available at, but will also be available at the new URL.
When this post is finalized amongst us it will constitute a task.

**note: for this to work we have to come to a conclusion about where the hcmc site is going to live - or on a tapor box.


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