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Work on the rendering of primary source texts

Started work on cleaning up and clarifying the layout of primary source texts in the static rendering output. There's quite a bit more to do, but I have something that looks cleaner and more distinct from the rest of the site already. I also found a number of encoding problems in some texts and fixed them; and one more issue prevalent in Le Bon Mariage and Le Forest Nuptiale, which is isolated by this XPath:

//label[@type='marginal'][following-sibling::*[self::div or self::p][matches(., '^\s*[\-a-z]')]]

These are instances where the encoder has erroneously closed an para and its div before inserting a marginal label, then re-opened div and para, in the middle of a sentence. These need to be collapsed; the label should appear inline. I've confirmed that making this change will not affect the rendering on the current live site, but it seems impossible to fix this with a regex, and the XSLT needed to do will be a mite thorny. Will need careful testing.


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Endings work continues

By the end of today:

  • All wrinkles with articles worked out.
  • Banner and menu in place.
  • AJAX retrieval and display working.
  • Footnotes working.
  • An ant task to build the entire set is done.


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Meeting with CC re next steps

We've decided that while CC goes on editing the texts, I will:

  • Write some pilot XSLT to generate key fragments (Ajax responses as mini files).
  • Write basic XSLT to generate the main documents sans website chrome.
  • Write basic CSS for document display.
  • Create XSLT to generate website chrome, designed in advance for desktop and mobile.
  • Get a Jenkins VM set up for HCMC project static-website builds, with Mariage as the pilot.

Then we'll go on to consider the issues of redesign and the static search engine problem.


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Meeting with CC re EM dictionary

Met with CC to discuss recent contact from GS, who's still promising to send us an XML version of his EM French lexicon, enriched from some of our own texts, which we will be able to use as one path for modernization of our texts for search purposes. While we were at it, we fixed a few dozen errors in our encoding revealed by his work on our files.


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Meeting to discuss possible grant application

Met with CC, SA and some folks from the library to discuss a possible grant application, details of which will be fleshed out in due course. Did some research first and follow-up afterwards; meeting on Friday by which time I need to have a basic list of bullet-points to discuss.


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Looking at grant application

Reviewed the budget and mobilization plan, and reported to CC.


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Update of schema, and plan to move to @style

I've edited the ODD file to take account of changes in the latest TEI, and built a new schema. Caught a few errors in the process, in the ODD and consequently in transcription files (usually bad @type values). Wrote to CC to see about finally merging the cab_sat fragment files into the transcriptions they belong in, and getting rid of them. I also fixed some odd spacing around @rend attributes, in preparation for the slightly complicated move from @rend to @style. I'll need to convert only those @rend values which contain a colon, and the XSLT will have to be updated in advance (preferably in such a way that it still handles CSS in @rend, although Schematron should help with trapping for that too).


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Meeting to go over grant app and presentation

Met with CC to discuss the grant application and the TRUTH presentation in September, and also fixed a couple of things in the db (publishing Le Blanc).


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Meeting to review application plans

Met with CC to go over plans for the application, and tweak the French translation of the technical description we wrote the other week.


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Meeting to write project description

Met with CC to write a preliminary draft of a section of the grant application dealing with the proposed normalization and search functionality. This was a useful exercise, forcing me to make all the details explicit, and explain them in clearer terms than I have been doing to myself. The plan still looks good, and I'm looking forward to making more detailed plans based on this (especially plans for the creation of normalization rules, and an automated system for testing them and evaluating the results.

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Faut-il se marier? La question de Panurge s’avère incontournable en Occident, surtout à partir de la contre-réforme. Des débuts de la Concile de Trente en 1545 jusqu’à la fin du règne de Louis XIV, la tentative de renouveler le mariage se heurte en France à l’intervention croissante de la monarchie dans cette institution dominée auparavent par l’Église. La rencontre entre ces deux autorités fut tumultueuse mais propice au foisonnement des documents qui font l’objet de ce site : « l’imaginaire nuptial » se compose de divers genres textuels, chacun ayant son caractère propre, mais tous traitant des peurs, des désirs et des fantasmes de plus en plus visibles dans la société d’Ancien Régime grâce aux débats soulevés par la nouvelle problématique de l’union conjugale. L’accent pour le moment est sur les textes et images misogames qui font partie d’un renouveau de la Querelle des femmes pendant les 25 premières années du XVIIe siècle.


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