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TODO: Ellipsis for category intros

Make the introductions for each document type TOC collapse to an ellipsis. People need to see the TOC.

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TODO: References do not point to documents

The reference entries used to be accompanied by a list of all the documents mentioning them, but the static site doesn't have that. Bring it back!


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Stuff to fix and/or discuss for the static build/new site

After working on diagnostics fixes, I see that there are some major changes we need to consider for consistency's sake in the XML:

  • The references.xml and botanical.xml files respectively are converted to noms_propres.html and terms_med.html in the output. This is a bit confusing, and it means that links to those specific web pages can't be encoded as normal links to the source XML documents, as they should be. I propose renaming the XML files to match the HTML output, and globally changing all the links throughout the corpus.
  • DONE: There are many cases where we want to link to HTML files that are built for the site, but which don't have XML source files (such as toc_gravure.html). These links in the HTML are of course pointed at nothing. I propose that we adopt a prefixDef of site:toc_gravure.html for such links, and dereference it as This also applies to schema and ODD links.
  • FIXED: There are a couple of cases where the references/noms_propres file links to the botanical, and vice versa. Because we don't expect these links, those elements are not imported into the back matter of the files when the XML is expanded, but the links are converted to local links. In the website context, this doesn't cause a problem; when the target is not there, the JS just gets it by AJAX. But the XML documents are not strictly valid. How to handle this? Ideally we should import that stuff.
  • DONE: The normalized texts remove all the forme works, but in cases such as Le Bon Mariage, these contain page numbers with @id attributes which are the targets of links in TOCs etc. Make sure these targets are converted into the marginal page numbers we use instead.


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Changes to encoding and rendering of references

Task arising out of meeting with CC 2012-12-03:

  1. In references, any <ref> element in listBibl should be converted to a <ptr> element.
  2. Encoding instructions/documentation should be updated to reflect this.
  3. When rendering, the target attribute of the ptr should be used to create a link out of the first component in the reference (title of an article, etc.).


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Mariage Project To Do List

1. le_blanc.xml:
Page number “76” in the t.o.c. should be in alignment with “ſon Mary.” in the chapter title, “La Conſolation & la Direction d'vne/Femme , qui n'eſt point aimée de/ſon Mary.” There seems to be a bug that’s creating a line break between the chapter title and page #.

2. maladies_des_femmes.xml:
a) Links to notes are still causing formatting issues in t.o.c. but I believe most of these problems should be fixed when the notes are replaced with <sic><corr> tags.

b) The note next to page number “75” (“Anomalie de pagination de la part de l'imprimeur; à la place de « 74 », il a mis « 75 ».”) is interfering with the first line of that page (“engendre la gonorrhee: il aduiẽt auſsi que la quãtité ou la quali-”). It’s creating an indent that shouldn’t be there.

3. References.xml file:
a) Link references within references. (Reminder: if a term appears more than once within the same reference, only tag the first occurrence.)

b) Remove <ref> links in all <cit><quote>s. (We decided not to put <ref> links in quoted material to avoid giving the erroneous impression that the source of the quote came from one of our references)

c) References need to be reviewed because there are still some, such as for word definitions, which should be converted into notes.

4. Review and standardize usage of <cit><quote> -> See MH’s blog post “Quotes and cits -- need to do a review and standardize” (15/06/11)

5. All <argument> tags need to be changed into <label> tags.

6. Include a “back” button (⇐) for references and notes? This could be helpful for the user because when you click on a link within a reference or a note, the only way to return to the original reference/note is by going back to the text and clicking on the link. By including a “back” button in the window of a reference/note, the user will be able to return to the original reference/note more easily. CC and MH will have to discuss this.

7) MH has to upload changes to Mariage site for GMM and EGB through Exist Client.

Reminders for CC:
1. Questions to ask Evelyne for Marinello text:
a) Does she want all abbreviated terms for medications written in Latin to be translated into French and then have references written for them?

b) Definitions for “thym,” “maladie de nymphe” and “ansules”?

2. Ask Hélène Cazes to:
a) transcribe missing Greek phrase in Sonnet 1609 (“Et voſtre Muſe eſt tanquam [missing greek text] vous ne portez...”)

b) verify that transcription of Greek word in Des maladies des femmes (“à raiſon dequoy les Grecs l'on appellé μπτοα”) is correct.

MH also suggested that he could ask a student who knows ancient Greek to complete these two tasks.


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"Maladies des femmes" t.o.c. issues

There's a problem with the display of the chapter heading "Le traictement de la femme nouuellement accouchee, & tout le temps de ſa couche" (c.50.p.845) in the Maladies des femmes table of contents. There is a break between "tout" and "le" but there shouldn't be one. EDIT by MDH: This appears to have solved itself, or to have been solved by a previous fix. There's no break I can see. It's possible to make lines break by setting very large text in a narrow browser window, but that's preferable to having the text disappear or intrude into another block of text.


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<g> tags in the Maladies des femmes

Handler needs to be written for <g> tags that are not in context of an abbreviation. EDIT by MDH: This has been fixed.


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"Margin-top/bottom: 0" not inherited in some paragraphs

Find out why paragraphs that begin with drop-caps don't inherit "margin-top: 0" and "margin-bottom: 0" from TEI header in the Maladies des femmes. EDIT by MDH: The simple answer to this is that I was explicitly excluding the paraStyle CSS in the case of a drop-cap paragraph because any text-indent setting screwed up the drop-cap. However, I've now done something more sophisticated, by stripping out the text-indent setting with a replace() using this regex:


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"Maladies des femmes" t.o.c. issues

Task for MH: Please find out why note tags are interfering with alignment of chapter and page numbers in table of contents in Maladies des femmes text. Chapter and page numbers should be floating right.

EDIT by MDH: This task seems to have been obviated by two things: First, most of the notes included in the TOC should actually be <choice>/<sic>/<corr> or <choice>/<orig>/<reg> blocks, so there will be a lot fewer note buttons in the TOCs in any case. Second, including a note inside a linked page reference is impractical, because it's not clear what clicking on it could or should do -- show the note, or go to the page reference? So on balance, it makes more sense to attach notes to the text preceding floating page numbers, if there's actually a need for a note, but when the note is simply (for instance) noting an incorrect page number in the original, we can just use <choice>/<sic>/<corr>.


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Left-aligned page numbers to be fixed

[EDIT BY MDH: Fixed this in the CSS. Look out for unwanted side-effects.] Task for MH: Figure out why page numbers for even-numbered pages float far left for both Le Blanc and Maladies des Femmes texts.

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