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Welcomed new team member

EC is joining the team. Set up access to svn, and a time/place for initial training next week.


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Fixes for style issues in Le Bon Mariage

Using the real copy of Le Bon Mariage, I've checked the TOCs I created and made some adjustments, as well as fixing a pile of other style problems with marginal labels and forme works. That one is looking pretty good now.


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Legacy URLs handled; svn info now in footer

Mariage didn't have any handling for the legacy URLs of documents which have been out in the wild for a decade. I've now fixed that, with a redirect.xql modelled on the Scancan one. I've also incorporated the same detailed SVN info into the footer that MoEML has.


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Fix for TOC sorting bugs

Fixed two bugs: gravures when mixed with other docs were not being sorted correctly, and accented characters were not being accounted for in the sort routine.


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File renaming

Many filenames are in English because I created them, and they should be in French. Did a first round of renaming (the simplest ones) and dealt with links and other fallout today; will start tackling the more complicated stuff next week. Also fixed a bug with the eXist app so it now delivers the zipped corpus with the correct content-type.


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Corpus stuff finished

Debugged, tested and deployed the corpus generation code, with an additional feature which generates separate text corpuses for each genre. New version deployed to eXist. Getting closer...


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Wrote downloadable-corpus generation code

Added the build target that creates the downloadable zip with a corpus.xml and a primarySource.txt inside, the one being the complete corpus, the other being only the plain-text content of the text of primary source document transcriptions. That now seems to be working OK. In the process I discovered that there are still some issues with missing hashes in the @rendition attributes of <zone> elements in the image markup docs. Ideally I'll fix that in the original source files and then fix any fallout resulting from it in the static build.


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Fixed internal linking issues

I've fixed the internal linking issues through a two-stage process:

  • When our original XML documents are processed to create the "clean" XML for public consumption, links to HTML pages and so on are turned into private URI scheme targets with a site: prefix and a corresponding prefixDef in the header.
  • The HTML rendering now handles these links.

I've fixed a lot of individual links throughout the collection too in the process of doing that. The main things remaining are the issue of links between the references files, the naming of those files, and the question of whether we still need to offer the corpus.xml and corpus.txt versions for download.

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Stuff to fix and/or discuss for the static build/new site

After working on diagnostics fixes, I see that there are some major changes we need to consider for consistency's sake in the XML:

  • The references.xml and botanical.xml files respectively are converted to noms_propres.html and terms_med.html in the output. This is a bit confusing, and it means that links to those specific web pages can't be encoded as normal links to the source XML documents, as they should be. I propose renaming the XML files to match the HTML output, and globally changing all the links throughout the corpus.
  • DONE: There are many cases where we want to link to HTML files that are built for the site, but which don't have XML source files (such as toc_gravure.html). These links in the HTML are of course pointed at nothing. I propose that we adopt a prefixDef of site:toc_gravure.html for such links, and dereference it as This also applies to schema and ODD links.
  • FIXED: There are a couple of cases where the references/noms_propres file links to the botanical, and vice versa. Because we don't expect these links, those elements are not imported into the back matter of the files when the XML is expanded, but the links are converted to local links. In the website context, this doesn't cause a problem; when the target is not there, the JS just gets it by AJAX. But the XML documents are not strictly valid. How to handle this? Ideally we should import that stuff.
  • DONE: The normalized texts remove all the forme works, but in cases such as Le Bon Mariage, these contain page numbers with @id attributes which are the targets of links in TOCs etc. Make sure these targets are converted into the marginal page numbers we use instead.


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HTML fragments are no more

CC rewrote the About page, which prompted me to fix those site pages in their XML format rather than continuing to maintain them in HTML. The whole dataset is now TEI.

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Faut-il se marier? La question de Panurge s’avère incontournable en Occident, surtout à partir de la contre-réforme. Des débuts de la Concile de Trente en 1545 jusqu’à la fin du règne de Louis XIV, la tentative de renouveler le mariage se heurte en France à l’intervention croissante de la monarchie dans cette institution dominée auparavent par l’Église. La rencontre entre ces deux autorités fut tumultueuse mais propice au foisonnement des documents qui font l’objet de ce site : « l’imaginaire nuptial » se compose de divers genres textuels, chacun ayant son caractère propre, mais tous traitant des peurs, des désirs et des fantasmes de plus en plus visibles dans la société d’Ancien Régime grâce aux débats soulevés par la nouvelle problématique de l’union conjugale. L’accent pour le moment est sur les textes et images misogames qui font partie d’un renouveau de la Querelle des femmes pendant les 25 premières années du XVIIe siècle.


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