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Update from ES on May 8, 2013

1. ES added transcripts for fraq10, fraf6
2. ES has edited Liette's video, and given it to SA. Corresponding xml file has also been added.
3. ES asked SA to upload all new addition to the production site in order to see if edition with Audacity works fine.


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Update from ES on May 1, 2013

1. SA found a solution with regards to cutting the soundtrack at the millisecond : Use Audacity! The program was installed on POMME.
2. ES entered & committed the transcripts for cltq3, fraq11, fraq12, fraq13


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Update from ES on Apr. 24, 2013

Back after a wee while!!

1. Links to video files were sent to Essen for his review before publishing them on the site.
2. SA and ES discussed the need of finding an editing software that allows cutting at the millisecond or hundredth of a second. ES suggested "Video Edit Master" which seems to be a free software. Ongoing.
3. Files in "media folder" POMME have been updated with the latest information existing on the server.
4. New xml files entered for pscf5, accf3, cltf6, fraf8
5. Transcript for cltq3 is done in txt format. Needs to be entered into xml file.


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Update from ES on Oct. 30 2012

Last session on Francotoile (end of contract) - ES will continue to work on various aspects of the site on an irregular basis from now on.

Still to be done:
1) add the missing thumbnails to the following files on the website: fraf4, fraf5, fraf6, fraq7, fraq8, fraq9, fraq10, fraq11, fraq12, fraq13, ctlq2, cltq3, accq1, eduq1, edubc1
2) obtain the filter for the search function (transcript only or transcript+annotations). Once this is sorted, ES will prepare the three help files to go on the "info" page of the site.
3) annotations are to be added on the following transcripts: accf2, franb1, franb2, franb3, fraq3, fraq4, fraq5, fraq5, fraq6, pscf4, accq1, cltq2, cltq3, edbc1, eduq1 , fraf4, fraf5
4) annotated transcripts are to be added for the following files: fraf6, fraq7, fraq8, fraq9, fraq10, fraq11, fraq12, fraq13
5) The information displaying on the "info" page of the Francotoile should be updated (i.e. the help files and the RA names)
6) ES got a reply from another young lady from interested in being filmed for the project. She is in Québec currently and will get in touch when she return, early November. Still waiting for a response from a Quebecois writer.
7) At revision 218. Latest changes committed should be uploaded to the site.


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Update from ES on Oct. 16, 2012

1. Fifteen new and converted videos, shot in August and September 2012, were given to SA and added to the site.
2. ES created an xml file (no transcript) for each of them: accq1, cltq2, cltq3, edubc1, eduq1, fraf4, fraf5, fraf6, fraq7-13.
3. The following were reported and solved:
- the non-annotated transcripts for franb1 and franb2 were not displaying on the website (solved)
- the thumbnail for frac1 was missing (solved)
- the location for mixbc1 was indicating Québec instead of BC (solved)
- the latitude and longitude for fraf2 and eduf1 were those of France instead of Switzerland (solved)
4. At this stage, all videos have a corresponding xml file and should display on the website:
5. The following videos have a non-annotated transcript: accf2, franb1, franb2, franb3, fraq3, fraq4, fraq5, fraq6, pscf4
6. ES has prepared to help videos to get inserted on the Intro page of Francotoile. Checked how the video player was working with SA in order to prepare the last Help video. However there are some URL issues with the bookmarks and search functions. SA will look into this.
7. ES will send an email to Gary, Emilie and France to inform them that their video has been uploaded to the site.

Remaining hours on this contract: 7 hours 30


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modify definition for francotoile.uvic.ca domain name

Old instance of francotoile was running Exist 1.5 and the structure required an odd "extra" instance of "francotoile/" in the URL to work properly.
New instance of francotoile runs in Exist 2.1 and has been restructured to not require the extra "francotoile/" in the URL.
Had sys-admins create a definition for francotest.uvic.ca and point it at the new instance and tested that. Then got them to use that same definition for francotoile.uvic.ca. Then they got rid of the definition for francotest.uvic.ca.
I still have to shut down the web-app of the old instance, as it's just wasting resources on the exist server now. I'll do that when Greg returns - likely we'll shut that instance down, get rid of all the files and archive them somewhere.


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production instance running old version of eXist, so I won't update site

Just realized that the production instance of FrancoToile is running eXist 1.5. The dev instance is running eXist 2.x and there were some headaches in migrating from an earlier dev instance running 1.4, so I'm not going to risk updating the production instance with the site files from the dev instance until I've updated the exist running on the production environment. That will have to wait until I return in September.


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Update from ES - August 7 & 8, 2012

1. The problem of duplicated files mentioned in the previous blog post has been solved.
2. The inverted transcript for frac1 and frac2, as mentioned in previous blog post, has been corrected.
3. The problem with prmf6 mentioned in previous blog post has been solved.

4. ES and SA encountered a strange problem with the list of items in Keywords. Some items (grandes écoles, système éducatif français, classes préparatoires) are displaying in the list while not showing anywhere in the xml files. In the list these words have to be removed, and the items "musique" and "vie personnelle" should be translated into English.
SA solved the problem.

5. ES added the transcript for all videos that are available and on the site. Nine of them need to be annotated.
6. The [age] section of the search function, when selected on its own leads to an error message. However, when selected with another filter (e.g. [male] + [10-25]) the age filters functions properly. SA will look into this.

7. SA contacted Pat with regards to thumbnails. If this can be fixed quickly, it will be done before SA goes on vacation at the end of this week. Otherwise, the site will go live and thumbnails will be added at a later stage. SA will inform ES and CC.
8. ES noted an issue with the display of "there are no other video from". While the syntax in French has been fixed, now only "from Mali" or "du Mali" is displaying.
9. ES asked SA whether it could be possible to make a search within annotations optional so that the site user can choose to look for a word in the transcripts only or within the transcripts+annotations. In theory, this could be done. More discussion to follow if CC agrees with this idea.

Hours worked since beginning of August: 15


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Update from ES - August 3, 2012

SA uploaded latest changes to Francotoile21.

(1) ES noticed the following problems to be fixed before moving to the production site:

- veqf1 should be removed from server as it was renamed/replaced, as follows: vepf2.
- mixc1 should be removed from server as it was renamed/replaced, as follows: mixbc1.
- eduf2 and eduf3 should be removed from server as they were renamed/replaced, as follows: pscf2 and pscf3.
- prmf5 appears twice on the map (?) Both files should be deleted from server, as the video is missing.
- lafc1 should be removed from server as it was renamed frac2. NOTE: ES notices that transcripts are inverted - frac1 has the transcript of frac2 and frac2 has the transcript of frac 1. This has to be amended.
- cltca1 and lacfa1 should be removed from server as they were renamed/replaced, as follows: cltq1 and vepq1.
- prmf6 (Valentin's video) displays as xxxx1 on the map (??) The video is not playing. Will need to look into this.

(2) In response to SA's questions, here is the list of videos that are missing thumbnails:

mixbc1 ; fraq3 ; fraq4 ; fraq5 ; fraq6 ; vepq1 ; cltq1 ; franb1 ; franb2 ; franb3 ; cltc1 ; frac1 ; frac2 ; edum1 ; pscf2 ; pscf3 ; pscf4; prmf6 ; cltf4 ; vepf2 ; accf2 ; fraf3 ; vepf1 ; lsrf3


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Update from ES - July 31, 2012

1. The following videos have been transformed, edited and given to SA for upload on the website:
Émilie (cltf4), Jennifer (fraq5 & 6), Rémi (accf2) and Rémi&Émilie (pscf4)

2. xml files have been created and added to database for the above files on the exception of pscf4. Since this video involves two subjects, and because CC mentioned that it could a recurring format in the future, it will be necessary to discuss in more details how to:
- enter a transcript differentiating between Subject 1 and Subject 2,
- locate each character separately on the map,
This discussion should ideally take place with CC present, as these will be her decisions to make, and upon SA's return from vacation, early September.

3. various edits on xml files were made (fixes on dates, ages, etc.). Changes have been committed to the server.

4. The transcript and timeline for subtitles for fraq3 (Jordan) have been done. The file still needs to be annotated. Committed to the server.

5. ES reviewed the "theme" tags that exist on the server to amend the xml files appropriately, add new ones if necessary and clean up the dropdown search list on the site.

6. SA will upload all new changes + additions to the test server Francotoile 21 so that ES can check them next week. Thumbnails still have to be inserted on the Google map. The site should go live next week.

To be continued: transcripts and annotations for fraq3 (annotations only), fraq4, franb1, franb2, franb3, accf2, pscf4, cltf4

Hours worked since July 1st: 74 hours

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The prime objective of this project is to create a prototype of a searchable digital video library representing francophone culture. It is to be implemented in French 262.


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