May 14


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May 14

Salut les copains! Today i was quite productive! (Si j'ose le dire :) ) Below are the files that I annotated: fraq11 accq1 fraq8 fraq5 fraq6 fraq4 fraf7 fraq12 fraq13 fraq7 fraq10 eduq1 fraq9 I also went into cltf5 to do some annotations but I did not delete it from the list as I'm hoping to go back and make further additions (e.g. The speaker uses the acronym 'RU' and im guessing it means Resto-Universitaire but I will wait to put that in). I also updated the list of transcriptions because i added some new ones so everyone should have the most recent version on dropbox! A+


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The prime objective of this project is to create a prototype of a searchable digital video library representing francophone culture. It is to be implemented in French 262.


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