undeploy and redeploy corrupted webapp


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undeploy and redeploy corrupted webapp

In the kerfluffle last week with the eXist server and contained webapps, the Francotoile webapp was somehow corrupted. After an hour or two, we got the instance going again, but then discovered that the password for the admin client no longer worked, so we wouldn't be able to update the webapp. Solution was to replace the instance of the webapp on the server with a copy of it on my local machine.

Basic procedure to replace a corrupted instance of a webapp e.g. francotoile
- log in as tapor to tomcat manager on server (peach)
- undeploy webapp
- go back in browser to safe URL (one without undeploy instruction in it)
- ftp in as hcmc to server (peach.hcmc.uvic.ca)
- cd up and down to /usr/local/tomcat-instances/devel/webapps/
- delete old folder
- upload new folder (same name as old folder)
- refresh webapp listing in tomcat manager
- app should appear, click deploy


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