How to deploy a new XAR on Jettys


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How to deploy a new XAR on Jettys

Today I blew up a couple of the apps and had to restart them, through doing this the wrong way. When you have a new XAR to deploy:

  1. Use Chrom*, not FF.
  2. Connect over the internal URL on :8080.
  3. Upload the new package.
  4. If it goes wrong and you see an error message, the chances are the db is now set to read-only.
  5. If that happens, try shutting down the db from the web interface. If that works, restart it from /etc/init.d/jetty. If it fails, you may need to kill all the relevant processes on Peach before restarting.

With these big XARs, we may need to consider testing an alternative process where we uninstall the old XAR and then put the new one in the autodeploy folder before restarting eXist.


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