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Progress on encoding tools

I now have a basic XSLT transform working, which does the hard stuff -- it creates tagging which can be used to render in a human-readable way multiple coloured underlines for nested codes. I still have to do the control panel and work on the CSS, but the hard bit is done.


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MDH: 421 + 2 = 423 hours G&T

Logging time from two late days, due to the pressure of work and Jenkins server crashes. This is a tough time.

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Jenkins on 18.04

These are my ongoing notes on how to get Jenkins up and running on a headless Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Install subversion. Although Jenkins has its Java implementation, some of our jobs use the command line app to get info.
  • You must install Java 8. The problem is that it's not available in the repo, so I had to add a webupd8team ppa and then install the Oracle version. :-(
  • You must sudo apt-add-repository universe before installing Jenkins, because it requires a package called daemon which is in that repo.
  • Jenkins setup requires that you configure a relative path to the files. If you're runing a vm and proxying the port to your own machine, beware: don't choose the selected port on which you're viewing Jenkins. Instead, choose the port that you know Jenkins is running on IN THE VM. If you screw this up, you can fix it by editing jenkins.model.JenkinsLocationConfiguration.xml in /var/lib/jenkins.
  • Install sendmail so Jenkins can send email.
  • When setting up Jenkins, accept the suggested package of general-use plugins.
  • In Jenkins, install log parser plugin.
  • Once Jenkins is running, go to Manage Jenkins / Script Console, and run this:
    System.setProperty("hudson.model.DirectoryBrowserSupport.CSP", "")
    to set the CSP allowing HTML to work properly.
  • If you create jobs by creating a folder inside jenkins/jobs and adding a config.xml file, don't forget to also create a workspace folder there, otherwise Jenkins seems to want to put the workspace elsewhere.
  • For Moses project only:
    sudo apt install python3 python3-pip python3-lxml
    sudo -H pip3 install dicttoxml nltk numpy plotly jupyter
    Then install nltk punkt data:
    sudo python3
    import nltk
    ...but there must be more because the build still fails because of missing punkt.


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Endings: preparing encoding tools for coding

I now have Oxygen able to insert linked anchors and prompt for analysis codes. This is coming along nicely. I think we should have a pilot version ready by the end of next week. We'll need to write a fairly sophisticated two-step XSLT transformation to create an HTML version that's useful for reading/proofing, but there's nothing there that we haven't done before.

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Odd svn bug

WJL's final commit of the day failed yesterday, because of a hash sum mismatch. We were unable to solve it last night, but started again this morning. My guess is that it was caused by a corrupted .svn folder on the local machine, or by a corruption on the server. In any case, the only solution was to svn-delete the whole folder, svn-add it again, and then copy backups of the files into it and svn-add them. Weird.

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More meetings

Phone and personal meetings with three people re the latest developments; slight reshuffling of plans.

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MyNDIR: updated backups in repo; made plans

Met with PAB to discuss progress; projected edits/additions are still not complete, so we'll hold off on moving data into svn for the moment. Rescheduled to October. Meanwhile, I updated my backup of the data from eXist, and we troubleshot a set of obsolete and duplicate data files. All sorted now.


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Meetings and planning

Meetings today with MC, JJ and JT, with lots of planning and the writing of a sitrep to pass to MB.

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DVPP: updated stats, fixed bug

Updated the stats and found a bug in the author count report (now people count), so I fixed that and updated again.

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TCCD: rebuild of schema & site; scheduling and planning

Rebuilt the schema because new places have been added and linked to; rebuilt the site and uploaded the results; worked with GL to clear a machine and disk space to house our new RA, and scheduled her on the machine for the coming semester.

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