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Spreadsheet, web interface and story maps now done

Today was long and complicated but it seems to be working. I'm now producing JSON files for each row in the spreadsheet table, and I have an HTML representation of the spreadsheet which provides links to the maps from those story files. That puts us in a position to examine lots of real cases and see whether there are any flaws in our retrieval and processing, as well as to get a sense of the actual stories we're uncovering.

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Pausanias updates Oct 12, 2018

Worked on the Spartan king lineage from Archidamus, to Agis II and Agesilaus. Sections 3.8.1 to 3.9.3. Here is a picture of the lineage mind map for this section.


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With TEH, working on refactoring of epub output

Having written it, we're now writing it properly. :-) TEH is very patiently starting back at the beginning to give us a well-organized and documented process for the epub generation. Did some basic planning and worked on the early stages today.

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Keats: fixes and tech support

M is back working, and needed a little help with images; KB stopped by to get assistance with some svn and linking issues. All solved, site rebuilt and uploaded.

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Spreadsheet now working

As far as I can tell, the spreadsheet is now doing what it's supposed to, after consultation with JSR and reworking. We will need only one spreadsheet rather than two. I'm now working on generating GeoJSON file for each row, so we can look at what we're generating and do human sanity checks.

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ViHistory : modified annotate page

The annotate page takes in a value in the GET array of the form <table type>.<table modifier>:<record id>. The load_get method was changed to escape the ":", but in this instance I need the literal character as it's used as a delimiter within the method, so I added a str_replace to reverse that escape and allow the annotation page to work.
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Rivers and things

Deliberating what to do with the many rivers in Scythia. Currently I'm just listing them down until I decide if I want to just do the source and end or if I want to mark them out more carefully. To be referred to Greg Newton and Laurel Bowman. It seems that Atlas might also be on a mountain.
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ViHistory : updated site for new php

The code for vihistory used "<?" to open all the php blocks. Newer versions of php and our server infrastructure require "<?php", so I've replaced all the instances that needed to be changed. Also made changes in protocol from "http" to "https". NB for both of those, there are a small number of instances (e.g.

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moved production instance, updated dev

The production instance of bailey is now in the www/project/oldbailey folder in the hcmc account on nfs.hcmc.uvic.ca. The instance in the oldbailey account on web.uvic.ca will be discontinued (see below).

The dev instance of bailey continues to be in sarneil/public/oldbailey.

I updated both instances to work in php 5.6 and 7, including using https for all the protocol invocations.

Remaining: ideally, we'll put oldbailey into a projects folder in hcmc/www. I need to sort out why hcmc.uvic.ca/projects/projects/oldbailey does not redirect, but webserver2.hcmc.uvic.ca/projects/oldbailey does. I would have expected them to behave consistently, specifically they would both redirect.

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Colonial Despatches: CO 384 Volume 5 page images added to Colonial Despatches collection

560 new page-images (in three different sizes) from the following volume have been added to the Colonial Despatches collection: CO 398, Vol 5 (BC 1867 (April) to 1871 (January) Entry Books of Correspondence: Letters from Secretary of State. Despatches.). These will now be linked into the transcription documents.

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